Elderly man gored to death by bull as he tries to climb to safety

Elderly man is gored to death by a bull as he tries in vain to climb a barrier to safety in the fifth fatality this year during Valencia’s traditional bull runs

  • José Vicente Adrian Ferrando, 69, from Lliria in Valencia, Spain, was killed by bull
  • Victim was at a bull run event in Llria when animal charged at him from behind
  • The attack is the fifth bull-related death in the region of Valencia this year 

This is the horrific moment a raging bull kills a man on a Valencia street making him the fifth victim of a bull run attack in the region this year.  

José Vicente Adrian Ferrando, 69, from Lliria in Valencia, Spain, could be seen trying in vain to climb a barrier as the rampaging animal charged at him.

The animal ran a the fruit and vegetable seller three times as he tried to clamber to safety during the traditional festival. 

The bull makes a beeline towards the wooden barrier on the street in Lliria in Valencia, Spain, during the Virgen del Remedio event 

Spectators clamber onto the wooden barrier at the end of the road while Mr Ferrando (right) wearing a grey top desperately tries to reach safety 

In graphic footage the bull charges at Mr Ferrando three times from behind as spectators rush to help him 

Mr Ferrando was watching the ‘bous al carrer’ event during the Virgen del Remedio festivities when the rampaging bull charged at him from behind.   

The victim, who loved bull runs and had always lived in Lliria, was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to save him.

The footage shows the streets of Lliria packed for the bull run with spectators protected in ‘cages’ looking on from balconies or positioned behind a barrier.

In tragic scenes, the bull charges down the street and makes a beeline for the crowd at the end of the cul-de-sac behind the wooden barrier.  

People rush to Mr Ferrando’s safety and attempt to divert the bull away from the victim while people on the wooden barrier scramble out of the way 

A spectator manages to divert the bull from Mr Ferrando who is seen lying on the ground on the street 

As Mr Ferrando clambers onto the barriers, with his back to the bull, he is struck by the beast several times and tossed in the air like a rag doll. 

Spectators rush to his safety and swiftly divert the bull from the victim, before the animal runs off in the opposite direction. 

Festivities in Lliria have been without bulls for six years and only made their return this year. All of today’s events have been suspended following the fatality. 

The local council has expressed its deep regret at the death of Mr Ferrando and sent its condolences to family and friends.  

This is the fifth death in the region this year and the second in a week following the fatal goring of a spectator in the Castellón town of Alcora. The other deaths were in Xilxes, Pinoso and Chiva.

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