Emily Weinman: Can She Still Face Jail Time After Cop Punched Her In The Head On Video?

Emily Weinman’s horrific beach encounter with cops in Wildwood NJ quickly viral. A lawyer tells us if she could actually face jail time for her run in with authorities, who were taped tackling her to the sand and punching her.

Who would have thought an underage beach drinking sweep could turn so messy? Police in Wildwood, NJ were caught on video tackling a 20-year-old Emily Weinman into the sand on May 25 after she allegedly spit at them after refusing to give them her name and ID. The situation escalated with several officers pinning her to the ground while one used a closed fist to punch the bikini-clad mom at least twice in the head as her toddler screamed in terror. The incident was caught on video by a neighboring sunbather. Emily was then charged with spitting at the officer, kicking him in the groin and resisting arrest, so could she end up going to prison?

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano has fully sided with the cops, telling the New York Daily News that, “She escalated the situation, saying something like ‘Don’t you have something better to do?’” He also said bodycam video will show the officers “acted in a professional manner.” As for the spitting, Emily explained on Facebook, “The cops smashed my head into the ground when he tackled me and I spit the sand out of my mouth.”

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