Ex-boyfriend allegedly burns alive woman before granddaughter, 10, saves her

A woman narrowly escaped death after her ex-boyfriend tried to burn her to death in front of her 10-year-old granddaughter – who then saved her life.

Deborah Romo, 52, was set on fire in her home in San Antonio, Texas in August.

Ex-boyfriend Roberto Cocolam is accused of lighting Deborah on fire and pouring petrol onto her flaming body.

He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm and arson, court documents say.

Heroic 10-year-old granddaughter Neveah Gallegos watched the horror murder attempt unfold and sprung into action.

Neveah's mum Amber told Fox San Antonio: “She heard screaming.

"She came out and she's seen my mum's ex-boyfriend pouring gasoline on her while she was on the floor."

“She saw him throw a lighter on her and light her on fire.

“And she actually saw my mom like, up in flames."

Neveah leapt at the man trying to kill her grandma, giving Deborah the chance to run out of the house.

She tried to use the hose to put out the fire, but the water had been shut off.

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Thankfully, a bucket of water was sitting nearby – allowing Romo to extinguish the fire just in time.

Neveah then shielded her 2-year-old sister's face from the smoke and ran next door to get help.

Deborah is now in the ICU at Brook Army Medical Center, San Antonio.

Burns covered more than one-third of Deborah's body, but she is recovering from her serious injuries.

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The family is now selling the house because of the terrible memories they associate with it.

But Neveah did benefit from Fox's Cash for Kindness program, which awards money to heroic local community members.

The hundreds of dollars in cash will help pay toward Deborah's medical costs.

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