Family of Pro-cyclist 'shot dead' says she wasn't in relationship

Family of pro-cyclist, 25, ‘shot dead’ by ‘jealous’ on-the-run yogi, 34, after she went swimming with her boyfriend says they were NOT in a romantic relationship

  • Moriah Wilson was not in a romantic relationship with anyone at the time of her death, her family stated Friday 
  • Wilson, 25, was found dead with gunshot wounds in an East Austin apartment in May, where she was staying with a friend before competing in a race 
  • Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, told a tipster that she ‘was so angry [she] wanted to kill [pro-cyclist Moriah] Wilson’ 
  • Wilson allegedly had a fling with Armstrong’s boyfriend Colin Strickland during a break in their relationship, which Armstrong found out about in January 

The family of a professional cyclist who was shot and killed just hours after going for a swim with the suspect’s boyfriend says that at the time of her murder, she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone.  

Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, who went by ‘Mo,’ was found dead on May 11 while attending a cycling contest in Austin.

A police tipster, who did not want to be identified, told police that yogi Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, flew into a rage after discovering that her cyclist boyfriend Colin Strickland had an alleged romance with Wilson in January 2022. 

Just hours before the murder, Wilson had gone swimming with a friend, according to the affidavit which named Strickland as the friend. Strickland later told police that during a break in his relationship with Armstrong, he briefly dated Wilson. 

That tipster got in contact with cops three days after Wilson was murdered and Armstrong was subsequently questioned by cops and later released. 

She is now being sought after by the authorities over claims that she murdered her boyfriend’s ‘secret lover’ and that she allegedly made threats prior to the incident. 

Armstrong has been charged with first-degree murder in the case. She is still on the run.

Investigators said that based on their search of Wilson’s phone, text messages indicated that Wilson thought she was ‘still in a romantic relationship with Strickland even though he was currently dating Armstrong.’

However, the a statement issued to KXAN by her family says otherwise, clarifying details surrounding the alleged romantic relationship.

‘While we will not elaborate about the ongoing investigation, we do feel it’s important to clarify that at the time of her death, those closest to her clearly understood, directly from Moriah, that she was not in a romantic relationship with anyone,’ the family wrote in the statement.

Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, who went by ‘Mo,’ was found dead on May 11 while attending a cycling contest in Austin, Texas

Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong has not been seen since May 13 after allegedly murdering Wilson in an apartment in Austin, Texas. Police believe she may have murdered Wilson in a fit of jealous rage after discovering the pro cyclist briefly dated her boyfriend,  Colin Strickland

‘We are absolutely devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter and sister, Anna Moriah Wilson,’ the statement continued. ‘There are no words that can express the pain and suffering we are experiencing due to this senseless, tragic loss. Moriah was a talented, kind, and caring young woman. Her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of. Our family, and all those who loved her, will forever miss her.’

On the day of Wilson’s murder, the cyclist reportedly told her friend Caitlin Cash – who called 911 – she was ‘going to meet up with friend named Colin to go swimming’ at Austin’s famed Deep Eddy pool. Cash left the residence around 5.30pm and when she returned, she noticed the door was unlocked and observed Wilson ‘lying on the bathroom floor covered in blood and no one else was inside.’

Cash said her door requires a ‘unique code’ to open and said she had received a notification that the code was used around 5.55pm, showing that the door was locked – indicating that Wilson had left to go swimming, the affidavit said. She said she received another notification around 8.30pm, indicating Wilson had returned.

She said the password had recently been changed and other than herself, Wilson was the only other person who knew it.

Strickland told police he dropped Wilson off around 8.45pm and had stopped in an alleyway to text Armstrong: ”Hey! Are you out? Went to drop some flowers for Alison at her sons house up north and my phone died. Heading home unless you have another food suggestion.’

‘Strickland had lied about his whereabouts to Armstrong to hide he was with Wilson throughout the evening,’ the affidavit said.

Wilson and Strickland remained friends after their brief romantic relationship and went for a swim at this Austin municipal pool, Deep Eddy, on the day of the murder

During Wilson and Strickland’s secret meet-up, Armstrong’s 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee was spotted driving outside the home of Wilson’s friend, where the cyclist was staying at

The car was spotted again that night after Strickland dropped off Wilson

Armstrong’s Jeep was seen by the residence that Wilson was staying at in Austin and had appeared to ‘stop.’ During an interview with police, Armstrong did not deny that her vehicle was in the area at the time, but ‘had no explanation as to why it was in there.’

When the yoga teacher was questioned about her boyfriend’s alleged affair, she reportedly ‘rolled her eyes in an angry manner.’ When authorities asked if she was ‘upset’ and ‘just in the area,’ Armstrong reportedly nodded her head and admitted it ‘didn’t look good,’ the affidavit read.

Shortly after being questioned about the whereabouts of her car, she requested to leave the interview and police said she was ‘very still’ throughout the whole thing. She has since disappeared.

On May 17, a firearm located at Strickland’s residence was ‘test fired’ and police have determined it had significant potential’ that that gun could have been used in the crime.

Investigators are also probing whether exercise app Strava led Armstrong to Wilson’s location. It is used by runners and cyclists to share exercise routes, and Wilson’s profile – which has now been deleted – was publicly visible.

Armstrong could’ve been tracking Wilson through her Strava account. Although now deleted, the fitness tracking app was recording Wilson up to the day of her murder 

She uploaded a cycle route beginning and ending at the Austin property where she was staying on May 11, the date of her death, disclosing her location.

Armstrong, who is now being sought by the FBI after being charged with Wilson’s murder, also uses Strava.

Her profile has recently been changed from public to private, although it’s unclear if she made that change herself.

Wilson and Strickland had dated for a week during a time when Strickland and Armstrong were on break last year, but the cyclists remained friends and went out for dinner at Pool Burger before Strickland dropped her off at 8.30pm at a friend’s home in East Austin.

Armstrong did not arrive back at the house she shared with Strickland until 9.20pm, he told police.

On the day of the excursion, a Ring camera captured the moment Armstrong’s black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee was seen driving by the friend’s home in the evening, and shortly after Strickland dropped off Wilson.

Moments after the car was spotted, Wilson’s friend came home to find the cyclist dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Armstrong, who remains on the run and has deleted all her social media accounts.

Strickland and Armstrong got back together shortly after the alleged fling with Wilson but his girlfriend found out about the one-week dalliance in January.

Strickland told police that he purchased two 9mm handguns for him and Armstrong around this time.

Strickland told detectives that Armstrong where he was meeting up with Wilson or where she was staying, but Armstrong may have been able to deduce the location through the Strava fitness app.

The app, used by cyclist and runners to track their progress and upload video and photos of their routines, was tracking Wilson’s progress on the day of the murder as she uploaded a ride that began and ended at the East Austin home she was staying at.  

The only thing missing from her room was her bike, which investigators said they found in a bamboo thicket more than 60 feet from the house.

Strickland on Friday issued a statement, and insisted his relationship with Wilson was ‘platonic and professional.’

He wrote: ‘There is no way to adequately express the regret and torture I feel about my proximity to this horrible crime.’

He said he was cooperating fully with the police.

‘I admired her greatly, and considered her a close friend,’ he wrote. ‘I am deeply grieving her loss.’

Wilson was described by her fellow cyclists as being ‘all light and laughter’

Wilson was seen as a rising star in the sport of cycling.

She had just turned professional, leaving her job at California-based bike company Specialized. Weeks prior, she had taken the first lead for elite women in the Life Time Grand Prix off-road series.

Wilson had a busy season of racing ahead of her, with competitions across the United States and in East Africa.

Wilson grew up in East Burke, Vermont.

Her father, Eric Wilson, was in the U.S. ski team, while her aunt, Laura, competed in the Olympics as a cross-country ski racer.

In a statement, her family said: ‘While the tragic loss of Moriah is unfathomable, at the same time we want everyone to join us in celebrating her life, accomplishments, and love for others.

‘Always pushing tirelessly to reach her goals, we knew she was pursuing that which she loved. We will miss her terribly and know that all mourn her with us.’

The family has started a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $100,000 to ‘to help fund community organizations that help youth find self-confidence, strength, and joy through biking, skiing, and other activities that Moriah was passionate about.’

She skied competitively throughout her youth, continuing to compete at Dartmouth College, where she also played soccer.

She graduated with a degree in engineering.

‘Moriah Wilson was all light and laughter,’ said Rebecca Rusch, mountain bike and gravel hall-of-famer.

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