Family to sue hospital where man was filmed with maggots crawling in his mouth

The family of a man who was filmed with maggots wriggling inside his mouth are suing the hospital after the clip went viral.

Abdul Ebrahim, 52, suffered a stroke in 2014 which left him immobile and unable to speak.

He returned to hospital in May after suffering a leg injury.

Abdul had been left unattended in his room when his son Azaad discovered the maggots.

Azaad had been told his father's hygienic needs were being cared for and he assumed this included brushing his father's teeth.

He made the distressing discovery after noticing his dad's upper lip looked swollen.

When he took a closer look he found scores of maggots crawling underneath.

"Maggots were crawling and so active and moving. I lost my mind. I screamed.," he said.

"I couldn't believe that no one attended to him. The first thing anyone does in the morning is brush their teeth."

Abdul has since died from natural causes.

Azaad told Times Live that he lost his temper at the sight of maggots squirming in his father's mouth.

He explained the family decided to purse legal action against RK Khan Hospital in south Durban of east South Africa, because he did not want anyone else to go through what his father went through.

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