Fans flee in panic as Lil Pump concert is evacuated

Fans flee in panic as Lil Pump concert is evacuated after crowd member let off ‘smoke bombs’ injuring four revellers

  • Lil Pump’s fans flee for the exit after someone let off smoke devices at concert  
  • Four people were injured in chaotic scenes at Rock City venue in Nottingham 
  • The Florida rapper finished off his set on a tour bus to the delight of his fans 

‘Smoke bombs’ let off at a Lil Pump concert resulted in four people being injured as the music venue had to be evacuated.

The 18-year-old rapper’s fans were forced out of Nottingham’s Rock City after the incident last night at 9.30pm.

Carnage was captured in social media posts showing revellers racing toward the exits.

A concert by Lil Pump (pictured on stage in Los Angeles) was evacuated in Nottingham last night when ‘smoke bombs’ were let off inside Rock City 

Firefighters were pictured at the scene where four people were injured in chaotic scenes at the venue last night 

Fans were pictured crowded around fire crews as paramedics and police descended on Rock City in Nottingham after a ‘smoke bomb’ went off inside the venue

Some used their clothing to shield their mouths and noses in an attempt to block out the smoke.  

The Florida performer – who worked with Kanye West on I Love It – was determined to finish his show – and performed to fans on top of his tour bus.

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Four people sustained minor injuries and police attended the venue at about 9.30pm last night as Nottinghamshire Police told The Sun the chaos was caused by ‘smoke bombs’.

Fire crews and paramedics descended on the scene as people took to Twitter to express their alarm at the incident.

There were chaotic scenes outside the venue in Nottingham after fans raced toward the exits when a ‘smoke bomb’ went off inside 

One user, @_caitlin_oxo said ‘Notts is f***** mad’ but agreed that it was a ‘sick’ idea for Lil Pump to finish his gig outside.

And @A_s_h_28 tweeted to the rapper saying: ‘@lilpump singing I Love It on the top of his tour bus = highlight of the night.’




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