Father of R Kelly ‘prisoner’ claims daughter has ‘Stockholm syndrome’

EXCLUSIVE: Father of ‘brainwashed’ R Kelly victim tells how his daughter was ’90lbs’ and ‘looked like a prisoner’ after she returned from the singer’s tour bus and ‘screamed like a mad woman at the mention of his name’

  • Timothy Savage, 45, told DailyMailTV  he realized daughter Joycelyn had run off with R Kelly after she disappeared from her Georgia college campus 
  • Joycelyn, an aspiring singer and model, met the RnB singer in 2015 when she was 19 after his team approached her about a potential music deal 
  • After the deal didn’t work out, Joycelyn began her first year at Georgia Gwinnett College in 2016 but later ditched school to join Kelly’s tour bus 
  • Joycelyn’s parents went to campus to confront their daughter who ‘looked like somebody who had been kept in prison for a long period of time’
  • When her father mentioned Kelly’s name he said: ‘It seemed like a time-bomb went off in her head. She ran out the house, screaming like a mad woman’  
  • Following the intervention, Joycelyn returned to campus where she was ‘picked up in a private car’ and not seen again

The father of alleged R Kelly captive Joycelyn Savage has revealed to DailyMailTV how his teenage daughter looked like a ‘prisoner’ and ‘screamed like a madwoman’ at the mention of the RnB singer’s name during their disturbing last encounter more than two years ago.

Timothy Savage broke down as he spoke about how he fears for the life of his ‘brainwashed’ eldest daughter. He believes she is suffering from Stockholm syndrome – a psychological condition which sees hostages grow to love their captors.

‘We had to bring attention to this because we thought our daughter was going to end up in the woods somewhere,’ Timothy said.

He said his daughter, who met Kelly when she was 19, has not seen any family in more than two years and even missed the chance to spend the last moments with her beloved grandfather on his deathbed.

The father and his attorney say that they have evidence Kelly locked up women in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago, beat them, made them urinate in buckets and refused to allow them to contact their families.

Aspiring singer and model, Joycelyn Savage (pictured far left with R Kelly, her sister and mother) first met the singer when she was 19 in 2015. Her parents claim she has been living with Kelly and has not seen her family in more than two years 

 The Savages tell DailyMailTV, they have not spoken to their daughter since December 2017, when they had a brief phone call before she hung up

Joycelyn’s father Timothy Savage, 45, believes the singer has some kind of ‘hold’ on his daughter and says she ‘She ran out the house, screaming like a mad woman’ at the mention of Kelly’s name 

Timothy and his wife Jonjelyn, 43, have fought for two years to bring home Joycelyn after she disappeared in the middle of the night from her Georgia college campus in December 2016.

They owned two clothing boutiques in Atlanta but sold them to raise funds.

‘We’ve used the majority of our savings, everything we have, in order to get our daughter home,’ he said.

Joycelyn is believed to be living in one of Kelly’s properties in Chicago along with another woman, Azriel Clary, whose family have also claimed that she is being held captive.

State Attorney Kim Foxx asked anyone who was a victim or has information about a victim to come forward.

On Friday, Sony parted ways with Kelly after a former intern revealed that the RnB singer paid her a $250,000 settlement after he allegedly forced himself on her when she was 16.

There are no criminal charges against Kelly at this time, and no investigation has been launched. Kelly has denied the allegations.

Joycelyn Savage, an aspiring singer from Atlanta, first met the RnB star when she was 19.

Her father, 45, told DailyMailTV: ‘When she was 11, she recorded a studio EP of six songs. She always wanted to do modeling or singing. It’s sad that I’m using the past tense.

‘She was always outstanding. She was a quiet girl and respectful to her parents.’

In 2015, a woman connected to R Kelly, was shopping in their boutique and overheard the teen singing. 

‘She said: ‘I can introduce you to someone that can help further Joycelyn’s career,’ Timothy said.

The parents then met with Kelly’s manager at the time, Kevin ‘KG’ Gyles.

‘He said Sony would probably be interested as long as R Kelly was the executive producer on Joycelyn’s songs. We didn’t have a problem,’ Timothy said.

Joycelyn, an aspiring singer and model, met the RnB singer in 2015 when she was only 19. Kelly’s team had approached the teen about a potential music deal and had flown her and her family to discuss her career 

Joycelyn is the eldest of three daughters, Jailyn, 18, and Jori, 11. Timothy says the family have had occasional glimmers of hope, like a gift from their estranged daughter which arrived ten days after Christmas 2017

Joycelyn and her mother flew to California in 2015 to meet with Kelly while Timothy remained in Georgia to look after their two younger daughters, Jailyn, who is now 18, and Jori, 11.

‘His assistant made great car and hotel arrangements, everything was fine,’ Timothy said.

‘R Kelly talked about her stamina, her songs, what Joycelyn needed to work on to sell the package to Sony.

‘Kelly was going to meet with me in Georgia but that never happened.’

After a few months, the parents concluded that the music deal was going nowhere and urged their daughter to focus on college.

In summer 2016, Joycelyn started a liberal arts degree at Georgia Gwinnett College. She shared a dorm room with roommate Tory, a nursing student. During the first six months, Timothy and Jonjelyn gave their daughter the space to enjoy college life.

‘We wanted to allow our daughter to grow but called her on a regular basis,’ Timothy said.

During the calls, she seemed enthusiastic about the campus and her studies. R Kelly’s name never came up.

‘She mentioned some people, a young guy she was dating. She was enjoying it,’ her father said. ‘I had no clue what was going on.’

Unbeknown to her parents, R Kelly was renting two properties in John’s Creek, an affluent suburb outside of Atlanta and short drive from their daughter’s campus.

Little by little, the parents’ contact with their daughter dwindled.

‘My wife called her roommate because Jocelyn wouldn’t answer the phone,’ Timothy said.

Last week, an associate of Kelly exclusively shared disturbing images with DailyMailTV showing two of R Kelly’s ‘brainwashed’ victims, Joycelyn Savage (left in red cap) and Azriel Clary (right in white cap), being monitored by a female minder (center in all black) and disguising their identities while out in Chicago 

Savage says he believes his daughter has been ‘brainwashed’ and could be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – a psychological condition which sees hostages grow to love their captors

‘The roommate said she was glad we called because a lot of things had been going on with Joycelyn. She hadn’t been in school or in her dorm room.’

The parents were so concerned that they filed a campus police report.

‘At that time she was on a tour bus with R Kelly,’ Timothy said.

The parents drove up to the campus from their home in Henry County to confront their daughter.

They were devastated by Joycelyn’s appearance – she weighed around 90lbs and was ‘so frail’, her father said.

‘Joycelyn didn’t look like Joycelyn. She looked like somebody who had been kept in prison for a long period of time.’

On the drive home, Timothy asked his daughter to pray with him.

He said: ‘We believe in prayer because we’ve been brought up in that. I wanted her to open up to me. She prayed with me and that meant I had somewhere to go.

‘I reached over to hug my daughter to comfort her. She froze up like somebody had been hitting her.

‘I tried to keep my emotions in until we got to the house. We had an evangelist over to help us pray and try to do the intervention. I decided to record the whole thing because we were just concerned about her well-being.’

At one point during the fraught meeting, Timothy mentioned R Kelly’s name.

‘It seemed like a time-bomb went off in her head. She ran out the house, screaming like a mad woman and ran all the way down the street.

‘I ran after her, telling her, you can tell Daddy what’s going on. It was terrifying for her mother to see her daughter in this state.’

‘Nobody wrote a book about this. I’m like, how did we get here? How do we fix this?

‘I don’t know what type of hold Mr Kelly has on her; brainwashing or Stockholm Syndrome. She’s in a situation where she’s torn down, dependent on him to give her everything she needs.’

Joycelyn never told her parents she was in love with R Kelly.

‘She told us that she had some type of feelings for him,’ her father said.

The atmosphere was so fraught that the parents decided to return their daughter to campus to get a good night’s sleep.

Along with Christmases, Joycelyn missed the last moments with her beloved grandfather, Howard Savage, 75, who died in June 2017 after a battle with cancer

After the family’s intervention, Joycelyn returned to campus where she was ‘picked up in a private car’ and not seen again  

‘We wanted to pick it up the next day’ the father said. ‘I asked her roommate to call me if anything goes wrong between now and the morning.’

It would be the last time that they saw their daughter.

On the drive home, Timothy had a call from Tory. ‘She said somebody came to pick Joycelyn up in a private car.

‘She didn’t come home for Christmas 2016. Joycelyn would never miss Christmas.’

Over the next year, the parents frantically tried to get in touch with their daughter.

‘Last time I talked to Joycelyn was in December 2017, she was talking to my wife.

‘I heard my daughter’s voice for two seconds. I was getting ready to speak then the phone hung up.’

The Savages have had occasional glimmers of hope, like a gift which arrived ten days after Christmas 2017.

‘The gift had no return address. It said, I love you Jori. I gave it to [my youngest] because I wanted her to know that her sister still loved her.’

Along with Christmases, Joycelyn missed the last moments with her beloved grandfather, Howard Savage, 75, who died in June 2017 after a battle with cancer.

Timothy said: ‘My father would pick her up from school, make her lunch, when we had to work. They stepped in like grandparents often do.

‘My father was in the hospital in his last days and he wanted to talk to Joycelyn. Through social media, I let her know that her grandfather was going to pass. She finally called the hospital.

‘Her grandfather was telling her she needs to contact her mother and father. My mother said that the phone hung up and my father cried.

‘My father cared so much about that girl. He called her ‘Joycerella’, like a princess.

‘I rushed to Memphis before he passed. I walked in the room, he started crying and said, ‘Son, you’re going to get Joycelyn back. I know it because I prayed about it.’

‘I’m going to keep that promise, I’m going to get my daughter back.’

He added: ‘This monster has taken my daughter and put her in a state that she can’t even be aware of, to see none of her relatives, none of her kin folks.

‘Nobody deserves to go through this.’

The father pleaded directly with Kelly to let his daughter see her family.

‘If you are listening, you deserve to let my daughter to speak with her mom and her nonna. Make her available where we can make sure that she’s healthy.’

Timothy said that he believes Kelly’s whole inner circle is enabling the situation that keeps his daughter captive.

‘His whole crew is involved in this. Kevin Gyles initially set this up. R Kelly didn’t reach out to us personally, it came through his management.’

Timothy Savage (above with his wife Jonjelyn) was interviewed for the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly and alleged that the singer was holding his daughter captive. They believe she has been brainwashed by R Kelly and are concerned for her safety

On Friday, Sony parted ways with Kelly after a former intern revealed that the RnB singer paid her a $250,000 settlement after he allegedly forced himself on her when she was 16

In a statement to DailyMailTV, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg said it is Joycelyn’s decision whether or not she wishes to see her parents.  

‘It is not my issue, nor is it my clients’. Having said that, I wonder how Mr Savage can make such allegations about Mr Kelly while at the same time claiming that he has not seen his daughter, nor spoken to her. If he has done neither, then he can’t have any factual predicate for his ridiculous accusations. While I sympathize with him over his estrangement, as a father, I also respect that this is best left as a private family matter between he and his daughter.’ 

 DailyMailTV’s attempts to reach Gyles, Kelly’s former manager, were unsuccessful.

The Savages are haunted by the reports they have been given by other women and R Kelly’s own staff.

In July 2017, the parents held a press conference outside of Kelly’s Atlanta home and accused Kelly of holding their daughter in ‘cult-like’ conditions.

‘We have taken every measure and we’re going to continue to follow the law in order to see our daughter. Hopefully the law will seek justice, not just for Joycelyn and Azriel, but for all of these women.’

Timothy said that he believes that his daughter is being sexually abused or coerced by the singer.

‘I’ve heard things so horrible that I cannot speak on those,’ he said. ‘Imagine your worst thought and that’s what it is. Physically and mentally.’

The father believes that his daughter is with another woman, Azriel Clary, at an R Kelly property.

Timothy said: ‘I talk to Azriel’s father every other day. He feels the same way. He’s a good father.’

Last week, an associate of Kelly exclusively shared disturbing images with DailyMailTV which revealed Joycelyn and Azriel being monitored by a female minder and disguising their identities with baggy track suits, baseball caps, scarves and sunglasses.

The images were captured on a street in Chicago last summer. The source said: ‘The girls had a ”look-out” with them, an older woman who was keeping an eye on their behavior and what they were talking about. She was dressed differently, came and went freely and spoke in fluent Spanish.’

The insider also said that the young women referred to R Kelly as ‘daddy’.

Another alleged victim, Jerhonda Pace, has previously said that Kelly orders his alleged captives on wearing baggy clothes to cover their bodies.

Timothy spoke directly to other potential victims. ‘If you are in Atlanta and this man has done anything to you, reach out to DA Paul Howard. Reach out to Kim Foxx in Chicago. Your voice matters.’

The Savages’ attorney, Gerald Griggs, told DailyMailTV that they are providing evidence and other witnesses to Howard.

Griggs said: ‘From what has been reported, there were multiple crimes that occurred in the John’s Creek [house] – kidnapping, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

‘We have other witnesses that corroborate that. We have a physical evidence and digital evidence that corroborates it.

‘I’ve been practicing law for 14 years. I’ve seen people get indicted for far less.’

Griggs added: ‘We need law enforcement to take very seriously the allegations that multiple accusers have made over the last 25 years.

‘The documentary is a G-Rated version of what is happening.

‘We know two names which I will provide to the DA. That person, who was in the John’s Creek house, saw the doors being locked from the outside, individuals having to use the bathroom in buckets, people being struck, all of which are crimes.

‘We have evidence of individuals being moved across state lines so it’s my hope that the Department of Justice and FBI take a very strong look.’

Last week, Griggs sent a letter to Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg.

‘If this is a consensual relationship, put Joycelyn Savage on a plane to Atlanta so she can see her parents,’ he said.

The Savages have been heartened by the support of those trying to help them get their daughter back.

Some former members of his entourage vouched for their concern. Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones and Asante McGee described the sort of treatment endured by young women who find themselves pulled into the singer’s orbit.

They said they were told when to eat, bathe, sleep and had to perform sexual acts on one another which the singer then recorded.

Timothy said: ‘People in Mr Kelly’s camp – even though they take his money, they don’t like him.

‘They reach out and tell us what’s going on so they can sleep at night.’

The Savage family have also faced death threats from Kelly’s staff.

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A former manager, James Mason, handed himself into police in Georgia on Wednesday over an outstanding arrest warrant on charges of terroristic threats and acts.

Griggs said: ‘We’re asking Mr Mason to provide information about the whereabouts of Joycelyn and anything that’s been going on.’

Don Russell, Kelly’s current manager, threatened to ruin Timothy and his family in a series of harassing texts and calls after learning he had participated in the Lifetime series.

Timothy added: ‘My address has been put online, people have knocked on my door. I’m worried about my wife and kids.’

The family have stepped up their security measures.

The Savages were also part of the group who provided evidence to Cook County DA Kim Foxx earlier this month.

Griggs said: ‘We understand that four more accusers came forward to the state’s attorney in Chicago, one which we know alleges underage sex with Mr Kelly.’

TMZ claimed last week that Joycelyn and Azriel were hiring an attorney to stop her parents intervening between them and R Kelly.

Griggs said that he had heard nothing.

After her parents brought attention to their plight in 2017, Joycelyn released a video to TMZ where she declared that she was fine and not being held against her will.

Timothy believes that his daughter was coerced into making the tape. ‘That lets me know that my daughter’s in trouble,’ he said.

The Savages say that they are not interested in money or fame as Kelly’s attorney has claimed about those who have made accusations against his client.

Timothy said: ‘Not one time have we ever requested any money from R Kelly or said we are going to file a civil lawsuit. Our motive is one thing only – we need to see Joycelyn.’

Despite making threats, Kelly has not sued the Savages.

Griggs said: ‘These idle threats may look good in headlines but when you sue, you’re open to discovery. Then we’ll get into those nondisclosure agreements that [Kelly] signed with a lot of people.’

Joycelyn’s parents say they will continue to work with the DAs in both Chicago and Atlanta to bring their daughter home.

The father saved his final words for his daughter.

‘I love you and I just want to make sure those things are fine. Your relatives, sisters love you. Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you.’ 



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