Female pedo, 22, ‘filmed herself raping boy, 14, then used abuse tape to blackmail him into selling drugs for her’ – The Sun

A FEMALE pedophile filmed herself raping a 14 year-old boy and used the abuse tape to blackmail him into selling drugs for her, police say.

Irabelis Carrazana, 22, reportedly began molesting the teen last year – three years before the age of consent in Miami, where they both live.

She allegedly filmed herself raping the boy, who is now 15, before forcing him to sell drugs for her and exposing him to gangs.

Carrazana was arrested on Monday after her alleged victim told detectives she had been abusing him.

It is possible that Carrazana used the abuse footage as a blackmail to get the child to do her bidding.

She reportedly admitted to having videos of her sexually abusing him on her phone when she was questioned by detectives.

When investigators analyzed her mobile, they were said to have found text messages that confirmed the allegations.

According to the Miamia Herald, Carrazana “directed the victim to sell narcotics on behalf of an unknown person.” It added that she then got mad at him “for not collecting money from a buyer on a narcotic sale.”

A police report said: “Other communications between the defendant and several unknown persons, via text messages, revealed that the defendant is involved in gang activities.”

Carrazana’s alleged gang links saw a “violent altercation with the victim,” and exposed him to a drive-by shooting aimed at her house.

She has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a child, as well as promoting sexual performance by a child. Carrazana was also arrested on felony drug and weapons charges last month.

She appeared in court Tuesday, and is being held at the Miami-Dade turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center ahead of her next court appearance.

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