Finally, we’re out & Brexit’s done – fasten your seat belts as the UK economy goes gangbusters

AFTER a long, painful and often scratchy year of trade talks and ticking clocks, all Boris Johnson’s Christmases have come at once.

Wearing a tie symbolically dotted with British fish, he won a deal no other Tory leader – David Cameron or Theresa May – could have brokered, still less Labour’s hapless Jeremy Corbyn.

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Arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage swiftly put icing on the cake by endorsing the deal, blunting any attack by puritan Tory Leavers.

Now Boris is expected to announce Oxford’s anti-Covid vaccine has been approved for use.

At the last tick of the EU’s famous clock, he has stitched together a Christmas package giving voters something to celebrate and silencing surly critics.

The long-awaited trade deal signed in Brussels will delight millions of voters – Brexiteers and Remainers alike – four years after our sensational decision to leave.

Whatever booby traps lie in the small print, we are out at last. We are free to trade again as an independent sovereign state.

Fasten your seat belts as the UK economy goes gang busters. And watch Boris shrug off the setbacks of his first year as PM and fly into a 10-point boost in the polls.

We will see a surge in job-creating investment as global giants pick UKplc to invest their billions.

The PM last nailed the key to the future for both Britain and Brussels.

We will ALL gain from the constructive competition between two rival economic systems which lubricates the wheels of commerce.

After 45 years in each other’s orbits, we remain key allies on vital issues – from trade and the environment to military and intelligence security.

Europe will now have to up its game as UKplc takes off on the international stage.

Handled properly, our new found freedom will provide a magnet for global investors with pockets bursting with cash.

Pent-up demand, stymied by four years of tedious talks, will burst into life.

First signs of burgeoning confidence in UK prospects came before the ink was even dry on the new treaty.

Share markets have begun to soar and the Pound strengthened dramatically. There is more growth still in the tank.

The European Union was right about one thing … a free trading, self-confident UKplc is now a competitive dynamo on its doorstep.

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