First murder hornet nest in US discovered in Washington

This news stings.

A nest of murder hornets was discovered for the first time ever in the US, scientists said — after more than a dozen of the invasive insects have been spotted in the state since late last year.

The Asian giant hornet home was found in a tree near a house in Whatcom County, Washington, the state’s agriculture department announced Friday.

Four of the vicious stingers — which can grow up to 2-inches long and can decimate entire hives of honeybees — were captured in the area Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WADA).

Entomologists attached radio trackers to the hornets and followed them to the nest.

The agency said it plans to “eradicate” the nest on Saturday.

The Asian giant hornet can deliver painful stings to humans, which can in rare cases be fatal.


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