Flood watch issued for Hamilton ahead of heavy rainfall

The city of Hamilton is under a flood watch as heavy rainfall is forecast for the region.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority says water levels are expected to increase significantly due to forecasts predicting rainfall amounts between 20 and 45 millimetres, with possible thunderstorms bringing another five to 10 millimetres of rain.

The HCA says it’s still uncertain exactly how much rain will fall and that it will reassess the flooding potential regularly.

There is a potential for significant watercourse flooding if the area receives higher amounts of rainfall.

Residents are reminded to be careful near all bodies of water while the flood watch is in effect, and adults are urged to keep a close eye on children and pets.

While water levels and flows in some local watercourses are elevated — Lower Spencer Creek in particular — the HCA says no flooding has been reported yet.

The flood watch will remain in effect until Monday when it will either be updated or cancelled.


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