Foul-mouthed Government scientist is sacked following 'f***wit' and 'lardarse' jibes towards colleagues

Biomedical expert Michael Hampton, 61, upset four workers with a stream of insults and rude comments while working for Public Health England.

He described one Croatian colleague as the “monster from Zagreb.”

Hampton, a highly-ranked scientist who has worked for the Government since 1990, was suspended for six months for misconduct by a tribunal.

But he has been sacked by PHE, who said: “We have policies on bullying and harassment and do not tolerate this sort of behaviour.”

Hampton was also criticised by the Health and Care Professions Council for refusing to inspect changes made to his North London lab when he returned after time off.

But he was cleared of claims he made foul-mouthed remarks to a further six colleagues — referring to individuals as “vinegar tits,” “big ears,” a “backstabbing f**kwit,” a “c***sucker” and a “f***** b******.”

The panel said Hampton’s attitude was “tantamount to bullying.” He did not attend the hearing.

HCPC chair Lesley White said: “The lack of evidence of any remorse and reflection led the panel to conclude there’s a real risk of repetition.”

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