Four test positive for coronavirus at hotel where 1,000 people are holed up

A hotel in Tenerife has been hit by a further three cases of coronavirus following confirmation yesterday that a doctor had contracted the disease.

Sources say that the doctor’s wife and two other people they were with have also tested positive for Covid-19 at the hotel where around 1,000 people are being confined to their bedrooms in quarantine. The four latest patients were part of a group of 10 people who travelled from the Lombardy region of Italy which has been hit badly by Coronavirus.

People inside the hotel have criticised the response saying they have been left with nothing to do but sit in their rooms and wait it out. Relatives of an 82-year-old widower at the four star H10 Costa Adeje Palace have expressed their concerns for him after a letter was sent round saying the hotel had been ‘closed down’.

Retired builder Alan Cunliffe, from Wigan, is on holiday and was due to fly home later this week. John Butler, his nephew, said: ‘My uncle is stuck in the hotel currently on lock down due to the coronavirus. He was supposed to be flying home on Friday. He’s 82 and is there all alone. He has been stuck in his room all day without any information, no food, only water and is very concerned.

‘He has not been contacted by the Foreign Office or any other officials, it seems and is in total limbo. Nor has the hotel or their staff been any help at all.’

Mr Butler, 39, who lives near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, added: ‘I have tried calling the British Consulate in Tenerife several times without success and have left messages.’

Mr Cunliffe said there were about 1,000 people in the hotel, estimating that between 150 and 200 were British.

‘I’m here for two weeks and was supposed to be going home on Friday,’ he said. ‘I can’t see that happening now. I imagine I’ll be in quarantine for a fortnight when I eventually get back to Britain. I can’t believe it.’

He said the hotel had been on ‘lockdown’ since yesterday morning.

‘I can’t leave my room,’ he said ‘I can go out on my balcony. I haven’t spoken to anyone else in the hotel. I don’t know anyone who’s ill and I feel fine.

‘The staff have been trying their best. I’ve had a couple of bits of food but it wasn’t great. A baguette and a few bits. I’ve had plenty of bottled water. But they don’t make you a cup of tea or coffee or anything like that.’

Mr Cunliffe said he said he was trying to find ways to pass the time.

‘I’m sat here with nothing to do. I’m not happy with the way it’s going. I haven’t got anything to read. I’ve spoken to my nephew. But the internet isn’t working very well so I can’t FaceTime anyone.

‘I’ve tried to watch the television but it’s not good. It’s all adverts.’

He added: ‘I imagine they’ll be want to get us out of here so they can clean the hotel and make some money. This must be costing them.’

Around 100 guests who arrived at the hotel have been told that they can leave because it is not believed they came into contact with the group of Italians.

A second hotel was in lockdown on Wednesday and Italians or people who had recently visited the country tested positive in Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.

Austria sealed off the 108-room Grand Hotel Europa in the Alpine tourist hub of Innsbruck after an Italian receptionist tested positive for the flu-like virus that originated in China and has spread to about 30 countries.

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