Free tracking app from USPS helps you find out when your stimulus check is about to arrive in the mail from the IRS – The Sun

THE US Postal Service has created a free tracking service to help you find your latest coronavirus stimulus cheque and be sure it's on its way.

The new Informed Delivery service scans your mail and tells you when the envelope is coming and what it looks like.

You can keep tabs on where your cheque is through notifications on your phone or computer and sends you a greyscale picture of the address side of the letter from the IRS.

The Informed Delivery service will send you an email to let you know when your mail is on its way as well as an app notification if you download it.

The drawbacks of the service are that it will also show the rest of your post and won't be able to tell you more than where it is and what the incoming letters look like so long as they're letter-sized items.

It can also take up to three business days for your account to activate once set up.

You can sign up for free on their website here. Please have your ID ready as they ask about it.

The IRS is sending out cheques by mail as their deadline to provide your direct deposit information passed on May 13.

The federal revenue agency said it is now sending a paper check or a prepaid debit card called the economic impact payment card, or EIP.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that this round of coronavirus stimulus cheques will be the last and that any checks included will be smaller.

The news comes as figures are expected to show the US economy lost a further eight million jobs in May on top of the 21 million already shed over the previous two months.

If correct, the new combined total would be almost triple the number of jobs lost during the recession that followed the financial crash in 2008.

The cheques are part of the CARES Act, which provided a stimulus check of $1,200 for each person and $500 for each dependent.

Democrats have proposed a follow-up $3trillion HEROES Act that would include a $1,200 payment for person and up to three dependents.

The HEROES Act bill passed the House last month, but is expected to be defeated in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Speaking this week, McConnell hinted that any future bill will include less drastic measures than the CARES Act, which passed as the worst impacts of the coronavirus pandemic first hit the US economy.

“You could anticipate the decision being made on whether to go forward in about a month,” he said.

“And it will be narrowly crafted, designed to help us where we are a month from now, not where we were three months ago.”

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