French far-right candidate declares English 'our greatest enemies'

Far-right French firebrand tipped to be new President calls Britons ‘our greatest enemies for a thousand years’ and says D-Day brought ‘occupation and colonisation’ by the US

  •  Eric Zemmour, 63, is set to replace Marine Le Pen as the far right French leader
  • He is planning to run as an independent to replace Emanuel Macron as president
  • He made an outspoken attack on the D-Day landings and US ‘occupation’ 
  • He described England as France’s greatest enemy for the past 1,000 years 

The far-Right French firebrand tipped to become his country’s new President has described the English as ‘our greatest enemies for a thousand years’ and attacked the D-Day landings.

Eric Zemmour, who has convictions for spreading racial hatred, launched his outspoken attack during a speech in Normandy.

Turning his fire on the Allied landings of June 6 1944 that ultimately freed his country from the Nazis, the 63-year-old said: ‘D-Day was an enterprise of liberation but also of occupation and colonisation by the Americans.’

Zemmour also used Friday’s rally in Rouen, the capital of Normandy, to reference the English as France’s ‘greatest enemies for a thousand years’.

Earlier in the week he appeared to mock the Queen by posting a 28-year-old picture of her looking down the barrel of a gun.

Zemmour placed a love heart by the image, after himself being attacked for pointing a high powered sniper’s rifle at journalists during a security exhibition in Paris.

Despite such stunts, Zemmour is currently riding high in opinion polls that could see him win the presidency in April 2022.

He is a TV pundit and author with no political experience, but a head-to-head with President Emmanuel Macron is extremely likely.

Eric Zemmour, pictured, who has previous convictions for spreading racial hatred has described the English as France’s ‘greatest enemies for 1,000 years’

Zemmour, is planning on running for French President and is set to replace Marine Le Pen as the choice of far right voters 

This would mean that Zemmour has won over voters of the far-Right National Rally, which is currently run by Marine Le Pen.

Zemmour is expected to officially declare his candidacy in the coming weeks, and there are even claims that he will form his own political party.

This is exactly what President Macron, also an independent candidate, did before sweeping to power in May 2017.

Zemmour has been likened to a Gallic Donald Trump, but is more extreme than the former American President.

The Frenchmen despises immigrants, Left wingers, woke culture and even feminists, whom he blames for weakening France.

He has written a bestselling book called The French Suicide, which states that traditional France is being swamped by alien invaders.

The far-right politician has been described as a more extreme Gallic version of Donald Trump. He caused controversy this week after he pointed a gun at journalists at a defence industry show in Paris

He later posted a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II looking down the barrel of a British Army issued SA-80 assault rifle. He commented on the 28-year-old image with a single love heart

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