Fresh hope for Maddie McCann's parents as they reveal Jayme Closs case has boosted belief they'll find missing daughter

American school girl Jayme Closs, 13 – who is two years younger than Maddie would now be – had a miracle escape from a man accused of abducting her after her mum and dad were murdered.

As the freed youngster was pictured smiling beside her relieved aunt on Friday, the official Find Maddie Campaign posted online: “Such great news. Jayme is an example of why we never lose hope and never stop searching."

The Facebook page, endorsed by Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry, also highlighted a message from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – a non-proft organisation funded by the US which has given help and encouragement over the years to them.

The NCMEC, based in Washington, posted: “Feeling thankful. We are overjoyed by the news that 13-year-old Jayme from Barron, Wisconsin, has been located alive after nearly three months.

"We applaud the Barron County Sherrif’s Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and all of the investigating agencies for their exhaustive efforts to bring her home.

“Thank you to everybody who shared this child’s poster."

Maddie’s parents live in hope, saying: "May 2019 be a peaceful and positive one for us all.”

In a Christmas message heart doctor Gerry and ex-GP Kate, both 50, of Rothley, Leics, wrote: " The investigation is ongoing and our hope remains.”

Jayme’s story has boosted them and given fresh hope.

Three-year-old Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, nearly 12 years ago in May 2007, while her parents were dining in a nearby tapas restaurant with pals.

She had been left sleeping alone with her younger twin siblings while her parents and their friends made regular checks on all the children.

News of Jayme being found across the Atlantic has given encouragement to Kate and Gerry’s many supporters.

Donna Truax posted on the Find Maddie website, which is run by a trusted friend of the couple: “I’m glad she is safe.”

Cindie Murphy wrote: “Never give up hope, never give up searching, miracles do sometimes happen.”

Jean Donnelly added: “Absolutely brilliant, thank God, great news, hope she is alright.”

A 21-year-old suspect Jake Patterson has been arrested on suspicion of abducting Jayme and killing her dad James and mum Denise.

He was caught shortly after the teenager fled a cabin on Thursday in Gordon 70 miles from where her parents were gunned down and flagged down a dog-walker for help.

It is not yet known of the victim, who is being treated in hospital, has been abused.

Maddie’s parents have been told by Scotland Yard that two vital lines of inquiry are still being pursued and cops are “hopeful of getting a result.”

The couple remain “greatly encouraged” that police could finally be closing in on their daughter’s kidnapper.

Kate, who is a high profile ambassador for British charity Missing People, and Gerry, have in the past met and been given hope by the NCMEC.

Lawyer Ernie Allen, 73, a co founder and former president who stepped down in 2014 after helping to find 160,000 missing children, assured Maddie’s parents: “Miracles do happen.

"It doesn't matter how long a child has been missing. Until Madeleine is found, or we know for certain what has happened to her, we will not give up.

He previously told The Sun: “She was very young when she was taken and children are easily manipulated.

"She may have been told all manner of lies, for example that her parents are dead. Children are taught to obey and believe adults.

“People assume children are always abducted by paedophiles but they can also be taken by someone who just wants a child to bring up as their own."

This week The Sun Online revealed that Maddie’s parents had been storing £100,000 in a special account to help them fight a long and bitter legal battle against former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral.

They received a “very welcoming” cash boos yo a fund set up to help find their daughter which they are “keeping for a rainy day.”

It comes as the Met Police were last autumn handed their latest £150,000 from the public purse to continue the Maddie investigation until the end of March.

The couple have been rewarded with assets to the Maddie Fund of £822 382, according to latest accounts filed this week to Companies House.

This has soared from £727,508 in the last financial year to the end of March 2018 by £94,874

The main increase was from Kate’s best seller 2011 book “Madeleine”, which was re-sold in 2017 for the 10th anniversary of the youngster’s abduction.

Royalties of £84,096 came from the book sale with a total of £85,899 being transferred to a restricted fund.

A source close to heart doctor Gerry and ex-GP Kate, both 50, of Rothley, Leics, said: “That money goes into a special account for a rainy day.

“It can be used at a later date in the search for Madeleine or to help her parents fight their on going legal battle against Mr Amaral.

The balance has increased, largely as a result of further royalties from Kate’s book, all of which she has given to the Fund and they say is very welcoming.”

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