From bomb blasts and tanks to Trump in the UK… Ministry of Defence releases its best pics of 2019

THE Red Arrows’ daredevil antics feature alongside the gravity-defying manoeuvres of ‘rocket man’ Richard Browning in incredible pics showcasing the UK Armed Forces' best moments of 2019.

Deploying their rifle as well as their camera, military and MOD civilian snappers capture the images that show the reality of life for UK servicemen and women, from Iraq to Estonia.

Taking a look back at some of the best moments in 2019, the MOD said its civilian photographers had captured everything from "the dust and dirt of a warzone, to the gleaming uniforms of a parade.

“Many who capture these images are servicemen and women first, and photographers second, deploying their rifle as well as their camera."

They are "taking the same risks as others, but also giving the public a unique, candid view of the realities of conflict."

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace added: “Our Armed Forces have been at the heart of some of our country's biggest achievements in 2019.

“To capture their work we have deployed photographers around the globe to give the general public a unique glimpse of life in our Armed Forces.

“Defence photographers are some of [our] most valued and highly trained members.”

Currently, more than 11,000 sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines have been working over the festive period.

They've been involved in 35 operations across more than 30 countries, ranging from Iraq to Estonia.

In total, 14 Naval vessels are at sea, from the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Defender and Type 23 Frigate HMS Montrose in the Gulf, to survey ship HMS Enterprise serving in the Pacific.

Since 1969, the UK has had a submarine on patrol for every minute of every day, providing the UK’s nuke deterrent.


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