From pizza vending machines to stick on make-up, futurologist reveals bonkers trends we'll be following in 2022

AS we step into another year filled with uncertainty, what can we look forward to in 2022?

A host of outlandish trends promise to make the next 12 months anything but dull – from pizza vending machines and stick-on make-up to voice-based dating and potato milk.

Lavinia Fasano of foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory has the inside track on what we will be eating, drinking and wearing in 2022.

She says: “Trends demonstrate our underlying desires as consumers.

"Throughout the pandemic, many trends emerged that were about trying something new, testing our senses or having an adventure.

“After a year of isolation and under-stimulation, people are seeking new social rituals to add excitement to their lives.

“Often, the trends that really take off are the ones that are easy to replicate and achieve.”

Lavinia reveals what awaits us in the year ahead.

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Cartoon-style Puddle boots are a bright and chunky take on the classic welly created by luxury Italian brand Bottega Veneta

Fashion Interiors

MAXIMISING on the comfort-first, homebody lifestyles of the pandemic, luxury fashion labels including Saint Laurent, Off-White and Loewe have launched homeware collections, offering accessible items such as cushions, clocks and candles.

And luxury designer Shrimps has collaborated with Habitat to create affordable furniture lines.

Y2k Fashion

DIAMANTE is back! We can expect a resurgence of Y2K fashion, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, starting with underwear as outerwear.

In spring-summer ’22 collections, bras and bikinis as tops made an impact on the catwalk.

Layer under an open blazer just as Posh Spice once did.

The trend for teeny, tiny micro minis will also bring hems soaring. Ditch your high-waisted denim for low-slung jeans.

It’s all about bearing Noughties levels of the midriff, so pair them with a cropped top to complete the look.

Rubber Shoes

NOT Crocs but cartoon-style Puddle boots, which are now making a splash in the fashion world.

They are a bright and chunky take on the classic welly created by luxury Italian brand Bottega Veneta.

Fans include Justin Bieber and David Beckham.


Exercise Excursions

THE travel industry is making a play for active customers by placing sports and fitness at the heart of new offerings.

Qatar’s National Tourism Council is touting its deserts as spaces for sandboarding while operator Aman’s Fitness For The Future retreats include rock-climbing in Italy’s Dolomites and sports in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to strengthen body, mind, spirit.

Big Days Away

BIRTHDAY boys and girls will book trips to mark major milestones, anniversaries and other celebrations – not just those coming up but ones missed in lockdown too.

We all want to make up for lost time and create new memories with family and friends.

The new motto is: “Travel less, travel better.”

Tech a Break

WE are all used to working from home with one video call after another.

The remedy to digital burnout is time away from your devices and reconnecting with nature

In a recent survey, 58 per cent of people said they needed a holiday to ease pandemic-related stress and switch off.

Leave your phone at home and recharge.

Train Travel

MORE of us want to swap the skies for rails. In fact, 81 per cent of people polled by Audley Travel said they were likely to consider rail travel for their next trip, with Europe’s tracks topping the bill.

Tomb Raiders

EGYPT celebrates a century of independence this year – and 100 years since Tutankhamun’s tomb was uncovered.

Cairo’s new Grand Egyptian Museum opens in the summer and will display some of the tomb’s greatest treasures for the first time.

Love and Dating

The Power P.D.A

“BENNIFER” came back last year, as old flames Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindled their Noughties love.

The PDA is back too.

Sixty-eight per cent of daters are on for public displays of affection again, spurred by touchy-feely celeb duos including Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182’s Travis Barker; and actress Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Tinder Passport

A FEATURE on premium versions of Tinder lets users match with singles in other countries.

It launched in 2015 but peaked in popularity in the past year. More than three-quarters of people using the feature made matches in a country that speaks a different language.

That led language-learning app Duolingo to offer 100,000 Tinder users a free month of Duolingo Plus.


THE pandemic continues to have a lingering effect on our love lives.

Dating site Plenty Of Fish points to some of us “feeling indifferent about dating, unsure if you want to date seriously or casually because life in general is so uncertain right now”.

Say it Loud

VOICE-based social media is evolving.

Billed as “the world’s first voice-note dating app”, String relies on audio files rather than pics to match users.

And Hinge has added a feature allowing singles to respond to prompts with a 30-second audio clip.

Beauty and fitness

Buzz Club

FELLAS, if you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a lockdown-inspired buzz cut with a 2022 twist.

To get the look, add vivid colour – neon greens, pinks and yellows.

If your barnet looks like you were attacked by a giant highlighter pen . . . you’ve nailed it.

Stick-on Make-up

THIS year, make-up will be playful. Think stickers, tattoo transfers and face gems.

Google searches for press-on nails rose by a third last June, while searches for nail stickers were up 55 per cent.

ManiMe creates bespoke gel nail stickers while Simihaze makes easy-to-apply neon eyeliner stickers.

Flower Therapy

GARDENING surged in popularity during the lockdowns, while flower-arranging and floristry are gaining acceptance as a form of meditation.

Flomacy makes oral drops that harness the healing properties of blooms to help tackle anxiety and lethargy.

Meanwhile, toy brand Lego sells a botanical kit aimed at adults who want to relax by building brick bouquets.

Period Power

FITNESS brands are urging women to harness their hormonal cycles to enhance overall wellbeing.

Nike has created a Cycle Sync Workout Collection, while the FitrWoman app personalises training and nutrition advice to each user’s changing hormone levels during their cycle.

‘Extertainment’ Apps

INJECT fun and social interaction into your fitness regime.

Digital platforms such as Obe help friends exercise together online through “workout parties”.

Audio-led fitness apps including Running Stories collect data in real time to create immersive experiences for joggers as they pound the pavement.

The ‘Wolf Cut’

AS seen on celebrity trailerblazers such as singers Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus, this hairstyle is a wild mash-up of shaggy waves and the classic mullet.

TikTok clips about the cut have clocked up 108million views.

Get the look by asking for lots of volume up top that tapers towards the ends.

Food and drink

Robot Servers

BOTS could be used to cook your eggs at the hotel breakfast bar and flip burgers at fast-food joints.

A sci-fi solution to staffing shortages.

Potato Milk

YES, another kind of non-dairy milk, made from boiled potatoes instead of oats, soya or almonds.

Made by food company DUG, it is set to be a big hit in 2022.


TO lure punters back, brands are fusing food with entertainment to create new social dining moments.

Think dessert restaurants and supper clubs with immersive interiors, a rotating roster of chefs and live shows.

Erotic Eating

WHO said the weekly shop couldn’t be sexy?

With more of us cooking at home, supermarkets are focusing on touch, indulgence and boosting the libido.

US food company Pearl Butter is behind Orgasm, a cacao butter spread that offers the “ultimate sensual experience” and includes the ingredient horny goat weed.

Fude, an Instagram platform created by chef and art director Charlie Max, combines cookery with nudity. Big plate energy.

Pizza Vending Machines

ALONGSIDE snacks and fizzy drinks, US machines offer everything from mini bottles of champagne to butcher-cut raw meat.

Pizza vending machines are popular.

One at San Antonio International Airport, Texas cooks 10in brick-oven pizzas.

Our first, from Pizza Rebellion, is outside a pub in West Ashling, West Sussex.

Toppings include pepperoni and pig ’n’ pineapple, from £8.95 a pop and ready in under five minutes.

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