From ‘pregnant bags’ to ‘racist park’… the world’s most hilarious translation fails will leave you lost for words

A missed word or wrongly coined phrase sometimes has a beauty all of its own, as these signs reveal.

Supposedly making things clearer, signs can spark hilarity – or confusion – when they miss their mark in another tongue.

From swimming pools to gardens, floors and even guide dogs, here we explore a veritable goldmine of curious terms.

Pregnant bags, exploding dogs and racist parks all feature in the weird and wonderful world of lost meaning.

Whether you're seeking laughs or linguistic bewilderment, look no further than this smorgasbord of silly signs.

Service with a smile

Lost in translation

Foul play

Mashing up the magic

Highway to hell

Loodicrously bad

Barking up the wrong tree

Where cleaning comes to die

A new stool of thought

When the trash gets trashed

Hungry for knowledge

Don't cry for me, Margarita

Firing on all cylinders

Dr Strangelove

Rich in fibres

A comedy of errors

Going off the deep end

Well mow me over!

Stars in your eyes

What a headf***

Long live Paul!

Royal flush

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