Fuming couple find '200 faults' in dream new-build home including gaping gap in front door & exposed wires

A FUMING couple have found 200 faults in their dream new-build home, including a gaping gap in their front door and exposed wires.

Ryan Kirkaldy and his partner Natalie moved into the four-bedroom detached Redrow property in Kingsteignton, Devon, in 2019.

Their dream quickly turned into a nightmare when the couple built up a snagging list of 200 urgent faults – including debris in the garden and leaky doors.

And the urgency only mounted when their son Jack was born and the issues, which the couple say should have been fixed prior to moving in, weren't rectified.

Ryan claims Redrow has "consistently dragged its heels" in the repairs, with it taking "weeks for someone to come out and look at a problem".

Ryan, a web designer, said: “It was very exciting watching our house being built and grow from nothing into a beautiful home.

“However, when we managed to get inside it we noticed quite a severe number of issues.

“We were assured they would all be resolved before we completed, but two weeks before then it was still a complete mess.

"I really don’t know how the house was signed off.

"There have been and are some really dangerous items in our house that need to be fixed."

Ryan and Natalie say they have incurred many financial costs trying to fix the problems.

These included having to pay for an independent snagger who picked up on 179 faults with the property – a crossover of around 30 per cent with Ryan's list.

Redrow has insisted it is "trying to work" with the owners on making the repairs, and is waiting for the couple to grant them access to the property.

Group resolution manager Peter Lewis said: “We have been trying to work with Mr Kirkaldy for nearly two years, including visits to his home from senior colleagues.

"We have identified and raised issues with the quality and nature of the report he commissioned."

He continued: "Despite this, on July 6, 2021, we sent Mr Kirkaldy an email agreeing to undertake repairs to a number of items that he had raised.

"We were left waiting for Mr Kirkaldy to grant us access so that we could remediate these items, however."

Problems highlighted by the homeowners

The list of problems highlighted by the homeowners included:

  • A front door that does not close properly and has a gap in one corner you can put a hand through.
  • Soil level problems in the garden, plus severe contamination with bricks, glass, and large rocks.
  • Loose ridge tiles on the garage roof.
  • Bare cables left hanging out of a rough hole.
  • Patio doors do not lock properly, are wobbly and leak causing damage to flooring.
  • Patio doors have been overfilled with expanding foam which has caused the entire frame to bow needing a full replacement.
  • Water seeps into the home due to insufficient doors seals.
  • Un-level flooring and ceilings.
  • Unfinished roof.
  • Pillars in the garage are falling from the walls.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Loose banister.

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