Funeral held for man allegedly murdered in central Christchurch attack

A funeral has been held for a man allegedly murdered in central Christchurch this week.

Faiz Ali died after a violent incident at an Armagh St property.

He was laid to rest last night at the Ruru Lawn Cemetery and prayers were held at the Al Noor mosque.

A public notice said his Janazah (funeral) was held at 7pm and people were asked to pray for his family, most of whom are overseas.

Ali was born and raised in Sabeto in the Nadi area of Fiji.

His father passed away just weeks ago.

He is survived by his mother and siblings in Nadi, Auckland and Brisbane.

His brother Tash Ali said family in Fiji also gathered to pray last night as the funeral ritual went ahead in New Zealand.

His sister Azaria posted on Facebook that she would miss Ali “forever”.

Others who knew Ali described him as “a wonderful young man” and an “amazing” person.

“Such a beautiful soul! Will miss his ‘Colgate smile’,” said one woman.

Police were initially called to the scene after reports of a serious assault and a hammer-wielding man seen “saturated” in blood.

Ali’s body was found soon after and a homicide investigation is now underway.

A 38-year-old man has been charged with murder and appeared in the Christchurch District Court earlier this week.

Ali was a manager at Indian grocery store Krazy Price Mart.

Colleague Nishaal Nikesh said Ali was a joyful person who was great with his customers.

“He was a very kind-hearted guy, very helpful,” he said.

“He didn’t have any personal grudges or any fights with anyone, as far as I know.”

Nikesh said Ali’s colleagues were reeling over the news of his alleged murder.

“It’s really shocking for us to hear this but we’re still yet to know what was going on inside, we didn’t know about his personal life,” he said.

“He has been working for this company for the past eight years,” said Nikesh.

“I’m really shocked at the moment … he was a very very good friend of mine … very helpful.

“Three weeks ago he lost his dad and he hadn’t come out of that trauma yet …[It’s] very very sad for us at the moment.”

Customers were also saddened by the news of Ali’s death.

“So sad – he was a very nice person who always served people with a smile, said a customer.

Another wrote that Ali was “such an awesome dude” who was “always so chatty and happy”.

“So sad to hear. It won’t be the same (not) seeing your smile and hearing your jokes when we’re down at the shop,” said another woman.

The man accused of murdering Ali has been granted interim name suppression.

Judge Mark Callaghan remanded the man in custody without plea to next appear at the High Court in Christchurch next month.

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