Furious con Charles Bronson to divorce wife Paula Williamson over letting lad bury face in her boobs

Bronson, 65, went berserk when he saw our pictures of Paula Williamson, 37, on a wild night out in Tenerife.

The burly prisoner told a contact to let his wife know that their brief marriage was over.

Last night former Corrie actress Paula, wed Bronson at Wakefield Prison in November, told the Sun: “I’m absolutely devastated. I can’t stop crying.

“I made one stupid mistake. It was just a dare.

"They took the snap and in that one second they ended my marriage.

“My hopes and dreams of living with my husband when he is released are now over.”

Paula was on a trip to Tenerife last week when she bumped into six lads on holiday.

She said she dared them to find out if her boobs were fake.

Connor Boyes, 26, of North London, stepped up and was snapped with his face between Paula’s breasts.

After we published the pictures, along with one of Paula snogging another lad, she laughed it off as “banter” and insisted that Bronson would see the funny side.

She added: “He knows I’m a flirt and loves me for it.”

But Bronson was anything but amused.

Paula said last night: “I have to own up to my mistake.

"I have dented his pride and humiliated him. But I’ve lost everything now.”

However, she said he had also let her down by failing to keep a promise to renounce violence.

Paula, from Stoke, said: “I have stuck by him through thick and thin with whatever he has done.

"I have always stuck up for him.

“I’ve lost everything through this – my work, my family, my friends and my dignity.

"Now, I’ve lost my husband.”

Bronson has spent more than 40 years behind bars.

He is facing another trial for allegedly attacking Wakefield’s deputy governor who banned any photos on his wedding day.

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