Fury as 'bragging' cops slap grandparents with £200 fines for 300-mile round-trip to see grandkids

TWO grandparents were slapped with Covid fines for travelling 300 miles to visit their grandkids.

The couple were handed two £200 fixed penalty tickets for making a 'non-essential' journey during lockdown.

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The pair travelled from Buckinghamshire to Keighley, North Yorks, to see their family – a journey which is 150 miles each way.

The trip broke coronavirus rules to stay local and only travel if it is essential.

Government guidance states you must not leave home "unless necessary" and you have a "reasonable excuse" – including work, work medical reasons or exercise.

It also says it is against the law to "meet socially with friends or family unless they are part of your household or support bubble".

Police shared details on page, with some claiming they were "bragging".

West Yorkshire Police for Keighley said: "Travelling from Buckinghamshire to Keighley is NOT an essential journey even if it is to see the grandkids.

"Two tickets issued to the offending couple. #StayAtHome #ExpensiveTrip #DontBlameGrandkids."

There was outrage on both sides as some people backed the police for punishing rule breakers while others said the cops should be dealing with 'real criminals'.

One man posted: "Can’t believe WYP are on here bragging about handing out COVID fines!

"I’d say you’ve lost touch with what the public you serve really want you to concentrate your efforts on.

"It’s no wonder public confidence is at an all time low."

Another commented: "Stick to dealing with criminals and crime – nothing else has anything to do with the police."

And a third said: "Imagine sinking so low that you have to shame an old couple for seeing their grandchildren, when perhaps there may be a variety of different reasons to doing so?

"No one knows if this is the first time they have broken it since LAST MARCH!?"

But those who defended police praised them for doing their job.

One user said: "Well done. If people just did as they were told in the first place we would have been in this 3rd lockdown."

A second replied: "People get a grip. The police are just doing their job."

And someone else commented: "Wouldn’t it be great if we all could do what we wanted during the pandemic.

"Many people have got away with this behaviour and the police can’t be everywhere so don’t give them a hard time for simply doing their job.

If you take the risk be prepared to get fined."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "As we remain in national lockdown, we will continue to maintain the 4Es approach, to engage, explain and encourage, but depending on individual circumstances, enforcement will be considered where appropriate."

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