GAME recalls chargers amid electric shock fears

USB chargers sold at high-street retailer GAME are recalled over fears they could cause electric shocks

  • Customers who have bought ChargeWorx devices warned not to use the items 
  • High street chain also had to recall travel adaptors found to pose a fire risk
  • Electrical goods have sparked almost 2,000 fires in England already this year

Fears that wall chargers could cause electric shocks if handled incorrectly have seen them recalled from shelves.

The high-street entertainment chain GAME pulled the USB socket devices by ChargeWorx after a risk of shocking was discovered. Customers who have bought the chargers in questions are urged not to use them.

The models found not to meet safety standards are: CX3111BK (barcode 643620311004), CX3111BL (643620311028),  CX3111GN (643620311035), CX3111WH (643620311165), CX2602BK (643620260104) and CX2602BL (643620260128).

These are the chargers GAME has recalled amid fears they could spark fires after they were found not to meet safety requirements 

The chargers were sold in stores across the UK and online from between May 1 2017 and February 23 2018, according to The Sun Online.

No electric shocks have yet been reported but the products were pulled as a precautionary measure. 

GAME apologised to customer for inconvenience in the second such incident so far this year. In March, it recalled a travel adaptor due to fears that it could spark fires.  

The high street retailer had to apologise to customers earlier this year when it recalled travel adaptors amid fears they could start fires 

In a separate case this year, Lee Stafford Coco Loco hair straighteners disappeared from shelves after they were recalled over electric shock fears. 

Electrical goods have sparked almost 2,000 fires in England, which averages at more than five a day in 2018.

Research by the Electrical Safety First charity also shows washing machines are the most likely appliance to catch fire. 

You can check whether the appliance you are using poses a threat by visiting Electrical Safety First and consulting its list of items recalled since 2007. 

The entertainment chain has warned people not to use the chargers if they bought them before the mass recall 

There is also a summary of recently recalled items at The Chartered Institute of Trading Standards website. 

Customers should register details with manufacturers as soon as an item is purchased.

Products can be registered through the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances. 

The service alerts users when safety alerts are issued or products are recalled. MailOnline has contacted GAME for comment.  


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