Germans rave about Brit-free Majorca and relish how 'quiet' it is without 20-somethings causing trouble

GERMAN tourists loving Brit-free Majorca have told how they’re relishing the “quiet” and hailed the resort's corona-proof transformation.

Spain this week started welcoming the Germans as its first foreign holidaymakers since the lockdown began in March.

The visitors started arriving in Majorca on Monday as part of a trial scheme to test new coronavirus measures before the more of the country is opened up to visitors from other nations.

The trial will see over 10,000 Germans visit the island over the next two weeks – while Brits remain on the banned list.

And those who have landed so far have said they are loving it.

Wolfgang, 62, who is retired, and Christiane Gmelch, 58, a bank manager, arrived on Monday from Wurzburg in their first ever trip to the island and are staying in Playa de Palma.

This is OK for us because it's quiet – if you have lots of 20 to 30 year olds they make a lot of noise."

He told Sun Online: "The security measures are excellent. In the hotel you have to wear the masks.

"In the restaurant you have to wear gloves and when you go into the hotel, restaurant or bars they take your temperature.  

"They have hand sanitiser in the toilets, rooms, restaurant and elevator.

"We are used to having to do the same in Germany and it's not a big problem for us. We know the rules and do exactly the same here.

"The only thing is it's a little bit difficult to talk to other tourists on the next table because of the social distancing.

"We were expecting many more people, but it's nice for us, there are so few."

Baibel and Matthias Drews who have been going to Majorca for the past 30 years arrived from Emsdetten on Monday for a week's holiday in Playa de Palma.

Baibel, a civil servant, said: "The staff in the hotel take your temperature when you arrive, then at breakfast and again in the evening.

"If you go out of the hotel they will also take it again. But it's very good that they do this."

He added: "It's very quiet here compared to normal. When we came before there were many more people on the beach, but not so many now.

“Supposedly, more cafes and bars are meant to open up tomorrow. But we don’t mind either way.

"This is OK for us because it's quiet – if you have lots of 20 to 30 year olds they make a lot of noise."

My children are just so happy to be here on the beach playing in the sun."

Alexandra Knies-lke travelled from Frankfurt with her parents and two children.

They have visited Majorca three times before and are staying in the RUI Hotel.

Office worker Alexandra said: "It's different now because you always have to wear masks and it's emptier than before.

"We came here because we normally go to Turkey but our holiday was cancelled."

She added: "If you come into the hotel there is a camera which takes your temperature.

"Also every time you go to eat in the restaurant you have to wear masks, but not by the pool or on the beach.

"My children are just so happy to be here on the beach playing in the sun."

Nurses Dustin Witt, 24, and Yvone Diederichs, 25, from Trier, near Luxembourg, said they worked in a hospital with Covid-19 patients and this is their first time off since February.

He said: "We feel very safe here in Majorca and felt safe travelling.

"We have both been here before and it's very quiet and the first time we've seen less people on the beach.

"But we appreciate we're staying here now as in August and September there will be more people."

We said when it is open we will be on the first plane there."

Christian Meyer, from Dusseldorf, said: "I'm really happy to be here in Majorca.

"I've been coming to Majorca every year once or twice a year for decades.

"Normally there are thousands of tourists, but now it’s much quieter, which is great. But it is also safe here. 

"We are on holiday for a week, we talked about it and because Majorca was closed in March, we said when it is open we will be on the first plane there."

The German pilot scheme was due to be a two-week test ahead of Spain’s re-opening to international tourism on July 1, although PM Pedro Sanchez has now brought the date forward to June 22 for most European travellers.

Brits were excluded from the pilot scheme because of the UK coronavirus situation.

While Brits are allowed into the county from next week, a Spanish government spokesperson has told the Telegraph that they could change UK entry rules again, "if the epidemiological situation in Britain requires this".

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