Giancarlo Granda, the pool boy hired by the Falwell family, claims their sexual relationship lasted years

GIANCARLO Granda is the pool boy hired by Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki Falwell to work for their family.

According to Falwell Jr., Becki formed a sexual relationship with Granda and their extramarital affair was short-lived.

Granda disputes Falwell Jr.'s story and claims there was a sexual relationship between the three of them that lasted years.

Who is Giancarlo Granda?

Giancarlo Granda is the pool boy who was once hired by the Falwell family to work for them.

Granda met Jerry and Becki Falwell when he was just 20 at the Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami back in 2012.

It is alleged that the couple took Granda on as staff and formed a sexual relationship with him.

While Falwell Jr. claims his wife had an affair with Granda without his knowledge or involvement, Granda claims that Falwell Jr. would watch him and Becki have sex "from the corner of the room."

“Becki and I developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching,” Granda said in an interview with the Reuters.

The affair dissolved when the couple and Granda became embroiled in a business dispute.

When did he have an affair with Becki Falwell?

Granda claims that his sexual relationship with the Falwell couple lasted years.

The 29-year-old claims the sexual encounters occurred "multiple times per year" in hotels in Florida and New York as well as in Falwell's home in Virginia.

Granda backed his claims with emails, text messages and other evidence.

Becki once told the former pool boy she was left "in tears" over his dating stories during their affair, explosive leaked audio revealed.

The recorded phone call betweenGranda and the Falwells offers an insight into how closely intertwined the trio became.

"Gian’s been very busy lately," Becki can be heard saying.

"His new thing is like telling me every time he hooks up with people, like I don’t have feelings or something."

"You're going to make her jealous, Gian," Falwell Jr is heard telling Granda after his wife recounted coming to tears following Granda's sexual escapades with other women.

"Aww," Granda responds. "I'm not trying to do that."

Who is Becki's husband Jerry Falwell Jr?

Jerry Falwell Jr married wife Becki Tilley in 1987.

Jerry Falwell Jr is the son of the late popular evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Sr.

He was president of Liberty University, founded by his father before he was recently placed on indefinite leave for a controversy surrounding a racy Instagram photo.

He would apologize and has now resigned.

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is heralded as one of the nation's most prominent Christian colleges.

Falwell has been described as President Trump's "principal liaison" to Evangelicals.

What did he say about the affair between his wife and Giancarlo?

In a statement provided to the Washington Examiner, Falwell said he lost 80 pounds due to the mental stress inflicted by his wife's "affair."

“Becki and I forgave each other, because while her indiscretion may have been more obvious and apparent, I realized that there were important smaller things I needed to do better too,” he said.

He added, “The trauma of this experience has brought us to a very challenging point in our lives, but we are strong, our faith in Christ is greater than ever, and with His help and with those in the community who we love and who appreciate the impact of forgiveness, we will get through this. We ask for your prayers and support.”

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