Giant rats spotted in kids’ play park by shocked mum worried about vermin’s poo

Shocked parents have reported seeing “giant rats” swarming all over a children’s playground in Brighton.

The Sussex city’s Saunders Park features a paddling pool, basketball courts and football pitches as well as the play area. Rat infestations have been reported in the park for at least the past couple of years but the oversized “super rats” appear to be a new addition.

One mum, Nicola Ojibara, told the Brighton Argus that she saw several rats in the play park: “I saw one under a bench, then I saw another and then another.

“I saw five, the fifth one ran over my foot as I took a picture,” she said. “It was disgusting."

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Nicola managed to take a few photos of the monster rodents.

“I phoned up my mum first and she said ring the council,” she said.

“I rang them from the park and they were closed and told me that they wouldn’t do anything until Monday."

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She added: “I thought ‘nah mate, this a children’s playground with kids around’.

“The rats will be pooing and peeing and [children] could be picking it up and putting it in their mouths.”

A description of the park on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website reads: “Saunders Park is a valued and well-used community park."

“[The park] has benefited from significant investment between 2018 and 2020." says the council. "There is a new cafe and public toilets.

“The new ‘More than you thought’ signage hints at the many facilities and attractions of this four acre community and wildlife haven.”

It’s not clear whether the “wildlife” mentioned includes the monster rats.

With many cafés and restaurants closed, rats are roaming further afield to look for alternative food sources.

Pet tortoises in peoples' gardens have become prey to the ravening rodents.

The International Tortoise Association told The Times : "Rats are becoming a huge problem this year. Please make sure your pet doesn't become a victim."

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