Girl, 3, dies after swallowing battery that burnt through throat and into heart after docs said it was 'food poisoning'

A THREE-year-old girl has died after she swallowed a battery that burnt through her throat and into her heart.

Brittney Conway died on July 28 after she was brought to Queensland Children’s Hospital in Australia three weeks ingesting the tiny device.

The little girl’s parents Lorraine and David were initially told that her symptoms were a result of food poisoning before the battery was discovered.

Her parents first became concerned when Brittney started showing symptoms on July 6, telling her mum that she didn’t feel well.

Speaking to ABC News, Ms Conway said: “'I first noticed when she came to me and said, 'Mummy, my throat is sore', and then she vomited.

“I had just given her a lollipop and I thought she had eaten too big of a chunk and swallowed it”.

However, the family’s local GP suggested that the little girls vomiting was a result of food poisoning.

But Brittney’s health continued to deteriorate with random nose bleeds and terrible chest pains.

After a visit to Robina Hospital, the doctors suggested that Brittney had contracted a virus that would clear up in a few days.


Despite the pleas from Mr and Ms Conway for the three-year-old to get an x-ray, doctors at the hospital told them that they would monitor their daughter’s condition.

"I demonstrated how she was pressing on her chest, the way she was bending over, the whole lot and I said to him, "Can we get an X-ray?" Ms Conway said.

"And he just said, 'We will monitor her' but no chest X-ray was ever done.

“He didn’t physically examine her at all.”

A few days later, Lorraine found Brittney lying in a pool of blood unconscious and rushed her to the Gold Coast hospital where she told doctors of her daughters symptoms.

An x-ray revealed the button-sized battery inside of her chest.

"That's when I was told that she had a button battery ingested in her chest area," Ms Conway said.

"It had burnt through her oesophagus, into her aorta."

Doctors at the hospital spent nine hours attempting to remove the battery in surgery before the girl was later taken to the Queensland Children’s hospital for another invasive procedure.

Brittney died eight days later.

The three-year-old has become the third child to die from swallowing a battery in Australia since 2013.

Her parents are urging the government to regulate the use of button batteries and to make them inaccessible to small kids.

The batteries are common in TV remotes, toys, scales and keys. 

Once ingested the batteries start to burn internally causing life-long injuries or death.

Queensland Health said it is conducting a review into Brittney's death. 

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