Golden State Killer's ex whose name he screamed during rapes tells beast she'd rather have died than have chosen him

AN EX-FIANCÉ of Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo, whose name he screamed during rapes, would not have chosen to be with him even when he pointed a gun to her head. 

Bonnie Ueltzen—who was engaged to DeAngelo in the early 1970s and ended the relationship when she was 19 years old—was not allowed to speak during his sentencing hearing on Wednesday but stared him down.

Ueltzen was accompanying rape victim Jane Carson-Sandler, who said: “If Bonnie were able to speak, Joe, she would want you to know, Joe, that as just a teenager 50 years ago she broke her engagement to you when she realized that you had become manipulative and abusive.”

“Even a gun pointed at her face could not make her choose you,” Carson-Sandler said, according to KCRA. 

The rape victim was referring to DeAngelo holding a gun to Ueltzen’s head demanding that she marry him. 

Outside the courtroom on Wednesday, Ueltzen told KCRA that “he did” do that and, “I said no,” though she was afraid, “of course.”

“But now I know he was capable of using” a gun, Ueltzen said. 

“I’ll never understand, knowing how capable he was of breaking into homes, why he wasn’t standing beside my bed with a gun. Why was he outside the window?” she said.

She said her entire family except an older brother was at their farmhouse home in the middle of nowhere “and here he was with a gun.”

Ueltzen was not allowed to talk in court because she is not named as a victim in DeAngelo’s crimes, which he committed after their relationship.

But Ueltzen’s account is of interest because DeAngelo sobbed, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, Bonnie,” while laying next to a rape victim in at least one of his many attacks. 

Asked by KCRA why she thought DeAngelo uttered her name while raping other women, Ueltzen said, “I think he is trying to throw the responsibility elsewhere and it lands squarely on him.”

“He is a crazy man. Apparently, he’s been crazy for many, many years,” Ueltzen said.

“And I don’t carry the responsibility of his crimes. Those are his choices and his actions. And fortunately for me, the women who were his victims feel the same way.”

In June, DeAngelo, 74, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of murder, 13 counts of kidnapping and confessed to 161 uncharged crimes including rapes.

DeAngelo, a former police officer, earned the nickname Golden State Killer because he committed dozens of burglaries, rapes and killings across California and escaped authorities for decades. 

He was finally tracked down in 2018 through a new type of DNA tracing. 

Wednesday was the second day of DeAngelo’s sentencing hearing.

Judge Michael Bowman is expected to sentence him to life in prison on Friday.

Ueltzen, who met DeAngelo at Sierra College in Rocklin, California, stood in the front row of the courtroom and took off her face mask while looking straight into his eyes. 

DeAngelo, wearing a mask, sat in a wheelchair and looked straight ahead. 

Ueltzen said DeAngelo looked toward her but she “didn’t see any reaction.”

“I call rubbish on this whole act of sitting there unable to open his eyes and close his mouth. I think he’s been acting for the last 60 years of his life trying to be a normal person, trying to be someone that blends into the community when he has been a criminal all along,” she said. 

“What’s a few more days of acting for him?”

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