‘Gollum’ figure seen stalking moose in creepy video as 6ft creature appears

Baffling footage shows a mysterious ‘human-like’ creature prowling in woodland, which has been likened to Lord of the Rings character Gollum.

The clip was recorded in Canada when a woman was recording a moose at the side of a road.

The 6ft figure suddenly appears from the trees in video recorded by Audree Frechette in the Gaspé Valley in Quebec.

She only saw the creature – which is seen walking toward the moose before skulking back into the woodland – when she watched the footage back.

Viewers are split about what it might be.

After the clip was posted on YouTube , one person wrote: "Seems like a Gollum."

Another said: "I really hope it is fake because I already don’t like being in the woods at night."

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Several people have voiced their scepticism about the footage.

One person wrote: "Why are all the videos blurry, yet they are sitting long enough to zoom and focus? Unless it is clear, it’s not real."

Another posted: "(It’s) obviously a reflection coming from inside the vehicle. It dosen”t change shape once."

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