Gordon Ramsay mocked for serving up gravy 'that looks like DISHWATER' for Sunday roast

GORDON Ramsay has been mercilessly mocked for serving up gravy that looks like "dishwater" – as fans blast: "It's too watery."

The firebrand chef has had a kitchen nightmare after Sunday lunch-loving Brits roasted him on social media.

Potty-mouthed Gordon accidentally sparked a backlash as he showed off a turkey wellington dish available at his restaurants as a festive alternative.

The video showed off the meal, which also features apricot stuffing, pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.

But fans spoke of their shock after watching as gravy was poured over the meal.

One raged: "Call that gravy? It looks like dishwater."

"Come on man – get a grip, that's not gravy," another said.

A third blasted: "That brown watery substance supposed to be gravy?"


One of those who watched the clip suggested Mr Ramsay was "watering down" his sauce.

However, others – including Strictly star Shirley Ballas – were far more complimentary.

The dancer commented: "Yummy."

Another said: "Yes please!"

The footage posted online has racked up more than a million views.

Mr Ramsay, 55, captioned the video: "A festive twist on a classic at Bread Street Kitchen & Heddon Street Kitchen… turkey welly!”


The dish features on a wider Christmas day menu which costs a whopping £150 a head.

The Sun has approached the chef for comment.

Mr Ramsay has faced criticism over his prices.

Those who choose to dine at his eatery in London's Savoy over the festive season will face an astonishing bill of £275 each.

Those who want to make merry will face an even bigger charge – and that doesn't include drinks.

A Christmas dinner with all trimmings as part of a six-course lunch will set each guest back by almost £300.

Add on the £2 charge for each person, as well as the discretionary 15 per cent service charge, and the price soars to £320 – before anyone has even ordered a tipple.

Signature cocktails are priced at £17 each, while a flute of champagne comes in at £150.

Even a cup of tea is £6.50, with fruit juice costing £5.50.

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