Government vows to give Covid vaccine to every over 50 before May as 2.6million Brits have already been jabbed

MINISTERS have vowed to give everyone over 50 a covid jab before May.

The ambitious timetable, promised by ministers on Sunday night, could mean that 32 million Brits are vaccinated within 16 weeks.

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It comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock revealed the Government's vaccine plan to allow us to have a "great British summer" by jabbing as many people as possible.

Mr Hancock set out the ambitious plan from the Government yesterday as he confirmed that 2.6million doses have been given out so far.

More than 800,000 medical staff and volunteers will work from the 2,700 vaccination centres set up across the UK to deliver the vaccine.

If the ambitious timeline goes to plans it means there will be 2million jabs given out every week.

The 47-page plan, revealed yesterday, explains how millions of Brits will get the vaccine in the coming weeks and months.

Mr Hancock said yesterday: "Vaccines are important and I care about them because I want our country to get back to normal as fast as possible.

"I want us to have that great British summer – my team and I are working fast to deliver this as soon as possible."

However, the Health Secretary said that not everyone will have the vaccine until Autumn.

According to reports, the second phase is likely to include jobs that deal with members of the public including teachers, police officers and shop assistants.

Yesterday Mr Hancock hailed the thousands of Brits who have signed up to be vaccination volunteers and help with the roll out through The Sun's Jabs Army campaign.

Mr Hancock said: "Come and join, the jabs army is marching."

Everyone will live within 10 miles of a vaccine centre by the end of the month, it was promised yesterday.

And it came as he also confirmed Britain could jab people through the night too – promising to do "whatever it takes" to ensure people get the vaccine.

The Health secretary explained: "If both the person doing the vaccination and doing the vaccinating would prefer that to happen in the middle of the day rather than the night we will do it if that's what's necessary.

"Our attitude is whatever it takes."

Daily data on vaccinations will also be released from today – and weekly in more detail from Thursday.

Matt Hancock said today that 2.6million jabs had been given to more than 2.3million people across the country so far.

Two out of five care home residents have got their first dose.

Almost a quarter of older care home residents have got it – with every care home resident to get it this month.

The UK has given out more Covid doses than the rest of Europe combined.

The country coming in at second is Italy, having delivered 654,000 vaccines as of January 11.

In third place is Germany with 613,347 vaccines rolled out as of January 10.

Coronavirus cases yesterday jumped by 46,169 as deaths rose by a third in one week.

There have now been 3,118,518 Brits infected with the disease since the pandemic began, and the total death toll has reached a staggering 81,960.

Yesterday's rise in cases is lower than it was last Monday when 58,784 cases were recorded along with 407 deaths.

But deaths have risen by 30 per cent since last week, with 529 fatalities recorded yesterday in comparison to January 4.


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