Gunman, 26, fires FOURTEEN times at cops during violent Black Lives Matter protest after Breonna Taylor verdict

A GUNMAN fired 14 times at cops during a violent Black Lives Matter protest in Louisville following the Breonna Taylor verdict.

Footage has emerged of the moments after the 26-year-old gunman opened fired during the third night of disturbances in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday.

The shocking video shows a man in a multicolored hoodie waving a handgun about, after reaching over the head of another protestor and opening fire.

Two cops were shot and injured during the first night of protests.

Major Aubrey Gregory, was shot in the hip and has been released from hospital, and Officer Robinson Desroches, who was shot in the abdomen and needed emergency surgery, but is expected to survive.

Police arrested Larynzo D Johnson, 26, at the scene and he has been charged with 14 counts of wanton endangerment and two counts of assault on a police officer.

Cops claim he was armed with a handgun and was identified by witnesses as the shooter.

The current wave of protests were sparked over the grand jury decision not to directly charge officers in the police shooting dead Breonna Taylor during a search warrant raid in March.

A witness to the shooting of the cops has come forward saying police used a flash-bang on the crowd, and another protestor came up behind him and open fired just feet away.

The witness, who didn’t want to be named, told WLKY-TV: “I heard two gun shots right behind me, I turned around, this all happened within a second or two.

“I saw the shooter wearing a bright tie-dye hoodie. He was shooting directly at the police and fired about two or three shots while running then fired more shots then ran down the alleyway 44.”

The Jefferson County Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney said the charges could be upgraded to attempted murder, if the claims proved to be correct.

Friday night saw the third night of disturbances in Louisville, as well as other cities across the US, with demonstrators in the Kentucky city claiming “sanctuary” in a church after the curfew came into effect at 9pm.

Clergy at the First Unitarian Church invited more than 100 people to avoid being arrested by using an exemption for churches in the city’s emergency curfew order.

Some of the demonstrators chanted “say her name, Breonna Taylor” and “You can't stop the revolution.”

Church members supplied the protestors with food as people mingled inside and outside the church which was draped with a BLM banner.

Video appears to show some of the BLM supporters inside the church were armed with shotguns and AR-15-style rifles.

Police surrounded the church shortly before midnight with their guns drawn, saying there had been reports of an armed militia in the area.

But the cops withdrew after the clergy reminded them the armed demonstrators had permission to be on church property.

Another video from Louisville show a band of protestors out after curfew confront a business owner whose property was firebombed the previous night.

In the video he is seen standing outside with a long gun while the protestors demand the owner says the words “black lives matter”.

He declines though and says: “If you're a good person, I'm ok. If you're a bad person…” and trails off, shrugging.

The exchanged then grows heated with the man saying: “I don't care about white, black, green, purple, whatever the f*** it is.

“I don't see color, I don't believe in color. I'm part Filipino.”

A grand jury had decided not to bring charges against Louisville police for the killing of Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed after cops returned fire when her boyfriend shot and injured an officer during a raid.

The family’s attorney Ben Crump called for the release of grand jury transcripts and relatives of Taylor criticized Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. 

A not guilty plea was entered in court for Larynzo Johnson on friday, who is accused of shooting and wounding two police officers during protests after the grand jury announcement.

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