Gunmen pretending to be two couples ambush Mexican cops and open fire

Shocking moment gunmen faked being a couple and ambushed Mexican police officers in broad daylight

  • Two separate videos captured the moment two cops were fired at after they stopped they cruiser to allow two of the four shooters to cross the street
  • The ambush took place Sunday in Zacatecas, Mexico while agents from the Guadalupe Municipal Police were conducting a neighborhood patrol 
  • At least 20 shots were fired at the two cops, but both survived
  • The assailants remained on the run as of Thursday evening 

This is the moment cops in north-central Mexico survived an ambush when four gunmen pretending to be two couples opened fire in the middle of street.

The near deadly incident unfolded Sunday afternoon in the Zacatecas city of Guadalupe when a man and a woman abruptly let go of their hands as they walked across the street in between moving traffic.

A surveillance camera captured the moment the female officer from the Guadalupe Municipal Police, who was driving the police cruiser, pressed the breaks to allow the suspects to cross the street before they suddenly stopped and started shooting.

Surveillance camera from a business in Zacatecas, Mexico shows the moment the male (left) and female (center) suspects opened fire at a police cruiser (right) and attempted to assassinate the two police officers who were patrolling the town of Guadalupe on Sunday

A police car dash camera captured the shocking moment two men and two women fired at least 20 shots at two cops in the Zacatecas city of Guadalupe on Sunday. As of Thursday, no arrests had been reported by authorities

A male cop (left)  from the Guadalupe Municipal Police surveys the scene of the shooting moments after he and his partner (center) were ambushed Sunday afternoon by four shooters, including two women. Both cops did not suffer any injuries during the attack

A second video recorded by the police SUV’s dash camera revealed that another man and woman standing on the corner next to a nail salon waiting for the cops to come to a full stop.

All four individuals, who remain fugitive from the law, stood several feet from the vehicle and fired at least 20 shots before they turned around the corner and took off running. 

The male cop is then seen walking towards the opposite sidewalk and radioed for assistance. 

A Good Samaritan offers assistance to a female cop with the Guadalupe Municipal Police after she and her patrol partner were attacked by two men and two women, who fired at least 20 shots, Sunday

Two of the shooters  (pictured) pretended to be a couple and briefly held hands before suddenly opening fire on two agents from the Guadalupe Municipal Police in Guadalupe, Mexico on Sunday

A female police officer leaves her vehicle moments after she and her partner were intercepted and shot at in broad daylight in Mexico on Sunday

Fortunately, none of the cops who were on patrol duty were impacted by the bullets that somehow only were able to fracture the front windshield and the cruiser.

Paramedics also tended to a woman who suffered a nervous breakdown after she was trapped in the middle of the shootout.

The female law enforcement agent subsequently followed her partner and stood against the wall of a local business while a Good Samaritan came to her aid. 

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