H-cup model unrecognisable since first op & says 'I can't see my toes'

A PLASTIC surgery addict has unveiled her new H cup breasts – and admits that she “can’t see her toes.”

Yvonne Bar, 26, from Frankfurt, Germany had her first boob job at 17 andnow looks unrecognisable after spending a whopping £58,000 on cosmetic procedures.

The model said she felt insecure about her body as a child and was bullied for her looks – with people calling her “tomboy” or a “stick with nipples.”

But in 2013, Yvonne underwent a range of extreme plastic surgeries to change her appearance – including four breast enlargements, a Brazilian bum lift, liposuction and fillers in her lips and chin.

And she recently revealed she went back under the knife back to enlarge her boobs to a huge size H, before posting pictures of her new look on Instragram.

But despite the admiration of her three million followers online, she admits there are everyday challenges to having a large chest.


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“I can't see my toes when I look down,” Yvonne said.

“Some tasks are difficult, especially if it requires me to move a lot or fast.

“For example, running is very difficult and is painful sometimes.

“My neck sometimes hurts because my implants are very heavy.

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“I wear a sports bra mostly during the day and always at night for support.”

However, Yvonne can afford all the supportive underwear she desires, raking in the cash on OnlyFans.

In fact, she claims she makes more now than she ever did as an investment banker.

But her large breasts do sometimes stand in the way in her quest to find love and companionship.

Yvonne said: “It’s very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship and I would really like one, but I think I scare good guys off.

“I attract guys that either want arm candy or ones that are famous and rich –  but are players. I want something real.

“I feel like I have to prove myself and that I’m a good person with moral standards.

“People can’t believe that, just because I have big boobs, which is crazy.

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She added: “I’ve also lost many friends because of my plastic surgery decisions.

“But to the people who judge me, what I’d say is: ‘everything I’ve done, I’ve done for myself.’”

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