Haunting final photo of dad snorkelling as son, 2, played on beach before he died and was eaten by shark

A PHOTO of a dad snorkelling while his son played on the beach was taken just moments before the man died and was eaten by a shark.

Taylia Craw took a picture of her two-year-old son Levi with his dad Duncan, 32, in the background, during a family trip in South Australia.

The photo – which shows little Levi playing with a yellow spade on the sand and Duncan swimming in the ocean – became the final time the boy was pictured with his dad.

The family had been camping at Port MacDonnell last month when Duncan disappeared in the water while his wife and son were playing on the beach.

His remains were later found near the popular tourist spot.

Initially, when search teams recovered a torn wetsuit, they believed Duncan had been attacked by a great white shark that had been spotted in the area, 9News reports.

Further investigations led authorities to believe that the man died suddenly from an undisclosed natural cause before his body was eaten by a shark.

The family said in a statement: "While we may never know for sure, based on the evidence we do have, we now believe it is most likely Duncan suffered a medical episode long before the arrival of the shark.

"It brings us comfort to know that he would have passed away peacefully in the water."

Duncan's family and friends held a memorial to remember the man on Sunday and said they will continue enjoying the outdoors just as he did.

Bret Trigg, the victim's brother-in-law, told 9News: "The last week has been extremely traumatic for all of us but having Levi to look at, it's just giving us that little bit of strength to keep moving forward."

A GoFundMe page named 'Duncan's Legaci for Levi' was created after Duncan's death, raising more than $41,000 at the time of writing.

It reads: "Levi now knows his daddy is in heaven, and Duncan’s family and friends are determined to ensure he will remember how much Duncan loved his little man.

"While the love, guidance and presence of a father is irreplaceable, we believe that some additional financial support will help set Levi up for the future."

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