Haunting TikTok video shows hooded ‘ghost’ walking outside house where man’s brother took his own life

A HAUNTING TikTok video captured the moment a 'ghost' walked outside a house where a man took his own life.

As a man lifted a heavy sack from the back of a pickup truck a ghostly figure walked out from behind the vehicle.

Roberto Morales, from San Diego, California, shared the snap on the video app with the caption "my brother committed suicide in this house on 11/11/2020.

"Look in front of the silver SUV, we believe this is his spirit roaming the house"

He captioned the video with hashtags "sad, scary, ghost, cry" and added a crying emoji to the end.

The hooded figure, only visible for a split second at the end of the clip, abruptly appears from behind the front of the car on the far right.

In another clip, Roberto shared what looks like a dark shadow through the windscreen on his sisters phone.

There are also screen shots ofwhat looks like a face in the back window of the SUV.

Morales's original video has been viewed 8.9 million times and has received more than 45,000 comments from terrified TikTok users.

Dude abandon that house immediately you shouldn't be there. Spray holy water all over the [whole] damn house and have a blessed day.

One TikTok user joked: "I claim no negative energy" and another wrote: "Lord protect me from this post."

Inside the house, Roberto posted another video of a 'ghost' in the mirror of his brother's bedroom.

He took the video three days after his beloved brother passed away.

One viewer offered Roberto some advice: "Dude abandon that house immediately you shouldn't be there.

"Spray holy water all over the [whole] damn house and have a blessed day."

Another added: "Sometimes when someone passes away in a house the spirit is attached to the mirror I think."

"Every time you go to sleep put a cup of water next to your bed [and] then pray five times," a user advised

"Then throw the cup of water away somewhere not in your house."

This comes as a round-up of the spookiest TikTok videos were rounded up.

Lurking behind funny animal clips and viral dance videos, bizarre, creepy activity is terrifying fans of the video-sharing app and their thousands of followers.

Just this week, a dancer went viral after uploading a video of himself cutting some moves to Doja Cat’s song Say So.

The video was viewed 3million times, but while viewers were impressed by his moves, they were more obsessed with the sinister figure lurking in the background when he was supposedly home alone.

In another video, one user was chilling at home on the sofa with her three dogs watching TV – until a spine-chilling moment left her so afraid she even moved house afterwards.

"The dogs are ready for bed, it's just a peaceful night here," she says, as she pans round the room to show her dogs sleeping.

However, as the camera stops on the hallway, one of her dogs suddenly becomes alert, and a shadowy figure quickly darts into view from one of the adjacent, pitch black rooms.

As the shadow quickly disappears, she understandably freaks out and screams "what the f*** is that?!"

Captioning and uploading the video, which has now been liked over three million times, she wrote: "I CANNOT believe I got that on camera. I'm happy to be out of that house. #ghost #haunted."


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