Heartbroken sister reveals how strong older brother died from Covid-19

‘He’s not just another statistic’ Heartbroken sister reveals how her ‘strong’ older brother died from coronavirus as she begs people to follow government orders

  • Sally Brokenshaw revealed how her older brother David died from coronavirus
  • She took to social media to raise awareness of the seriousness of the virus
  • David Harris, 65, was admitted to hospital with mild symptoms and ‘entered the ambulance unaided’ 
  • He was swiftly placed on life support as the Covid-19 test came back positive
  • Organ failure soon followed as David lost his life to the highly contagious virus
  • Covid-19 cases in the UK have reached 29,474, with 2,352 people to have died
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

A heartbroken sister has sent out a desperate plea far and wide after her ‘strong’ older brother lost his life to coronavirus (Covid-19) in abrupt circumstances.

Devastated Sally Brokenshaw bravely moved to put her pain to one side and took to social media in order to educate others on how serious, and terrifying, the rapidly spreading virus can be.

With cases still being seen of people defying Government orders to remain inside and only venture out for essential travel, Mrs Brokenshaw chose to give a detailed account of her brother David Harris’ final days in order to deter the breaking of self-isolation rules.

Mr Harris, who lived and worked in Wells, Somerset, passed away a week ago on Wednesday, March 25, aged 65, after his condition swiftly deteriorated after showing only ‘mild symptoms’ from the outset.

Writing on Facebook, Mrs Brokenshaw admitted she needed to get the message out as soon as possible and issued a statement on the same day as life support was turned off, despite the pain of losing her brother being so raw.

‘I was going to wait until tomorrow but I don’t feel that I can. Please share this post far and wide. People need to understand just how serious the Coronavirus/Covid-19 is,’ she wrote on Facebook.

David Harris, 65, was described as ‘big and strong’ by his family, but lost his life to Covid-19 despite entering hospital unaided and showing only ‘mild symptoms’

‘My brother David went to hospital by ambulance on Sunday afternoon displaying the symptoms of Covid-19. 

‘He walked into the ambulance unaided. At the hospital they immediately put him into a deep coma on life support. The test came back positive. 

‘On Tuesday his kidneys failed, then his lungs became under attack and although he really didn’t stand a chance, we as a family were hopeful. 

‘He was a big, strong man and my big brother. We all knew that he would fight and fight to stay with us. Covid-19 decided differently.’ 

‘This afternoon the decision was made by his consultant that they could do no more and that he couldn’t come back from this. His life support was switched off and he passed peacefully at 2pm. We are all devastated and can’t really believe that this has happened to him.

Sally Brokenshaw took to social media to thank everybody who shared who post about David

‘He was a loving partner, dad, brother, grandad, uncle, great uncle and a friend to so many people. The next few days will be so difficult.’

She then went on to outline how the pain and grieving process was made all the more difficult by the cruel nature of the contagious virus, which meant David had to remain alone in his final hours without visitors at his bedside.

‘What people may not know is that because of Covid-19 he could not have anybody with him except the ICU nurses who were absolutely wonderful. No visitors,’ Mrs Brokenshaw continued.

‘Nobody from his family to sit with him. No family could travel to be with him as we wouldn’t be allowed in. His partner, isolated, not allowed to say goodbye.

‘We are all being asked to follow the rules. Just do it.

‘My brother is not just a statistic in the news.

‘Save yourselves from the pain and heartache that we are going through.’

On Wednesday, April 1, the post had been shared over 250,000 times, and rising. 

The number of people admitted to hospitals in England with coronavirus has soared in the past 10 days, particularly in London, which is still at the heart of the country’s outbreak

Following an outpouring of support for her and her family during their time of need, Mrs Brokenshaw issued a follow up statement in which she thanked the world of social media for getting the message out far and wide.

‘Word is getting out there to follow the rules, stay indoors, social distance and if you are a key worker, like my friends working in schools, take all the precautions you can,’ she wrote.

‘Thank you for all your kind words to us as a family as we try to come to terms with losing a lovely, gentle, kind and loving man.’

Mr Harris’ partner, Tracy Weisner, also paid an emotional and heartfelt tribute by writing on Facebook: ‘My darling David, I miss you with every breath I take. Life can be so very cruel.’

As of Wednesday, April 1, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the UK reached 29,474, with 2,352 people having tragically lost their lives to the virus.

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