Here’s how to pronounce royal baby’s name as Kate and William name him ‘Louis’

As you were, everyone – the royal baby’s name has finally been announced.

After a four day wait – the the longest we waited for a royal baby name in years – the littlest Cambridge’s name has been confirmed as Louis Arthur Charles.

He’ll be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

So, what’s in a name?

Louis, despite its French origin (18 kings of France have borne this name), is a name favoured by the Royal family .

There was Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten who was tragically assassinated by the IRA. It’s also one of both Prince George’s and Prince William’s middle names.

So it’s been in the family and public conscious for a while.

Not that it’s stopped the confusion over how it’s pronounced.

This seems to have arisen over whether you pronounce the ‘S’ or not.

So how do you pronounce it?

In Germany, they do pronounce it like ‘Lewis’ – as do many British people

Being a French name, it should technically be pronounced as the French do. I.e., without enunciating the ‘s’.

This is what the Royals do – and if you need any further proof, then listen to Kate and William’s marriage vows.

So there you go, Prince Louis is following in the foot-steps of his big brother and dad – with a dash of French.

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