Hero neighbours 'pulled girls, 2 and 3, from 'crazed' dog's jaws as it 'dragged them like rag dolls' in street mauling

THE hero neighbours who saved two toddlers from a "crazed" dog's jaws say the pair were "thrown around like dolls".

The children, aged two and three, were walking with a woman on St Saviours Road in Alum Rock, Birmingham, when they were set upon by the animal.

Shocking footage – which The Sun has chosen not to share – shows the girls being pinned to the ground and up against a wall while being mauled.

Brave passersby jumped out of passing cars and from neighbouring houses to help the woman fight off the guard dog, which had escaped from a nearby property.

The girls were dragged inside one of the vehicles to protect them from the out-of-control animal.

Now the hero neighbours who saved the girls from the vicious incident have spoken out about the horror attack.


Pharmacist Yaser Baig, 38, rescued one of the girl from the dog by kicking it and whisking her into a car to safety.

He told Birmingham Live:“I was leaving the reception area of a nursery after collecting my daughter when I heard some screams.

"I put my head around the door and around 20 yards up I could see a dog biting a girl.

"She was on the ground and the dog was pulling her around like a little doll.

“I pushed my daughter back into the nursery and said ‘stay there’ and ran to help."

Mr Baig fought the dog off as he latched on to one of the children

He continued: “The dog was biting the girl’s leg and pulling her around. I kicked the dog a couple of times and it let her go.

“The dog was intent on coming after the girl – I don’t know why.

“I picked her up and tried to shoo the dog away by kicking it and it did run off.

“I put the girl in the car. The dog came back and circled the car a couple of times. The mother was hysterical. There was her blood on my jeans and top.”


Meanwhile brave Nighat Khatoon jumped out of her car when she spotted the start of the attack to intervene.

She also spoke to Birmingham Live saying: “I was driving up and I saw her hysterical, screaming, trying to pull her daughter from the dog’s mouth. She was trying to get her daughter away.

“I stopped my car and rushed over to help. The dog had her knee in his mouth, yanking at her.

“I pulled at the girl. I was saying ‘somebody please help, please help.’

"The dog was bigger than both the girls put together. Another father from the nursery picked the girl up and put her in my car.

“I got into the passenger seat with difficulty because there’s a child seat in it and the little girl was in the driver’s seat.

 “It was really traumatising. I did have a cry. She was a tiny girl, petite. All I could think of was if I could get the girls into the car, the dog would go away but it didn’t."

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One neighbour's CCTV captured the entire attack.

The 23-year-old woman who wished to be anonymous, said: "I didn't witness it but watched it later when my neighbour told me what happened.

"I was really shocked to hear the screams of the kids and the woman. I could feel my heart beating fast and I was really scared.

"I wasn't expecting to see quite how big the dog was and how quickly it charged across the street at the kids.

"It really frightened me because I have two little brothers aged six and eight. It could easily have been me walking with them because it's right outside my house.

"The passersby and neighbours were so brave to act that fast.

"If they hadn't acted that quickly I think the situation would have been a lot worse. I think without their help their injuries would have been life threatening.

"I believe it was their mum but I don't know her myself – it must've been horrendous for her.

"I think one of the worst things is when one of the neighbours is trying to pull the girl from the dog's mouth while the dog is pulling the other way and won't let go.

"It was like a tug of war, it was dragging her like a rag doll – it was so bad."

The dog was later seized by police.

Paramedics were called to the scene and the girls were taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital following the attack at around 12.35pm on Monday.

The three-year-old suffered hand and leg injuries and the two-year-old sustained leg injuries and a number of scratches.

Their conditions are not believed to be life-threatening.

Police confirmed they had been called to the scene just after 12.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “It’s understood that a guard dog escaped from a nearby business premises before attacking two small children.

“The dog has been seized by police and enquiries are ongoing.”

A West Midlands Ambulance spokesperson said: “An ambulance was immediately sent to the scene. On arrival, the crew found the two girls, one with serious injuries.

“They were both assessed and treated at the scene before being taken on blue lights to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where medics were awaiting their arrival."

It comes just days after Keira Ludlow, 25, died after being attacked by a dog inside a property in Kitts Green, Birmingham.

Stunned locals in Kitts Green, Birmingham, heard her scream and shout for help and claimed the dog “bit her arm off” as she lay in bed.  

Keira’s body was found by a distraught relative as neighbours recall hearing the dog – believed to be owned by a family member – barking "incredibly loudly”.

One neighbour said she heard Keira walked her dog at night because it was “a demon dog” which had previously tried to attack other pets in the area.

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