Hero paperboy saves life of OAP who had been lying on floor for three days after spotting her newspaper hadn’t been read

A PAPERBOY has been hailed a hero for saving the life of an OAP who had been lying on her floor for three days.

Robert Purt, 18, spotted the paper he had delivered the day before was still poking out of the pensioner's letterbox and hadn't been read.

He told McColl's newsagent where he works and called cops to put in a welfare check.

The pensioner, 88, was then found at her home in Birchington, Kent, and was taken to hospital – where she is expected to make a full recovery.

Her family praised the teenager, but humble Robert – known as Bob – said: “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Bob said: “I noticed that one of the houses I deliver to had not picked up their paper from the day before and there was what looked like some post on the floor still as well.

“I had a feeling something was wrong. I contacted my colleague on duty.

“I had a concern as I knew it was an older lady who lived there on her own. I felt a welfare check would be a good idea.”

Bob – a paperboy for four years – added: “I had a call from the shop to let me know the police had done a check and the lady was okay and to say thank you for what I had done.”

The family of the pensioner – who doesn’t want to be named – put out a Facebook appeal to try and track Bob down to say thank you.

Bob’s proud mother Sam, 46, posted on social media praising her lad and urging others to keep an eye out for elderly neighbours.

Locals put two and two together and connected the families.

Bob and Sam then found out the pensioner had spent three days stuck on a wooden floor in the cold weather.

Bob, of Birchington, said: “The lady’s family were incredibly grateful that I had noticed there was something not right and made the call.

“This lady is alive and will get all the help she needs.”

Modest Bob – also carer to his disabled mum who suffers from fibromyalgia – added: “I know lots of people are proud of what I have done but for me it just felt like the right thing to do.

“I understand more now how this could have been such a different story, with all that is going on in the world right now people need to just keep an eye out.

“There are lots of people who live alone in our area and if everyone just keeps an eye out even on the small things like the post has not been picked up, or a paper more people would be found and helped quicker.

“A two-second call to the shop you work for or the police if you are worried could save so many lives at any one time.”

The pensioner is now set to leave the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.

Bob urged "all paper boys and girls everywhere" to "please keep an eye out" for people in need of help.

Mum Sam added: “The lady had been laying on the wooden floor for three days unable to move. She was in a lot of pain.

“I’m so proud of Bob. He is my carer and doesn’t think he’s done anything special, but he helped save her life.

“He is just happy the lady is alive and safe and is understanding that what he sees as a small thing has a bigger picture to the world around us.”

The pensioner’s niece – who also asked not to be named – said: “Robert’s actions certainly got my aunt help earlier than I would have.

“We are very grateful. He’s a smart fella.

“Being on a wooden floor for three days has affected her mobility. But she’s alive, and for that, we are grateful.”

Locals were quick to praise Bob’s quick-thinking.

Fran Daley said: “You must be feeling so proud, well done to your son.”

Ali Spearman added: “Well done that young man. You are a superstar.”

And Janet Barnes commented: “What a lovely boy. He’s been well brought up.”

Bob's heroic actions are in stark contrast to those of a postman who left a pensioner with bone disease lying in the snow for 20 minutes.

The Royal Mail worker watched 72-year-old Patricia Stewart fall during the coldest February since 1955 then walked off because he was "too knackered to help".

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