Hong Kong protests: First student death of crisis after fall following clash with police

Chow Tsz-lok, 22, a computer science student, passed away at 8am on Friday, said the city’s hospital authority. Hong Kong police claim the student fell from a parking deck while officers dispersed nearby protesters and fired tear gas. They have refuted allegations that officers had been chasing Mr Chow when he fell.

But protesters dispute this saying, “Chow Tsz-lok fell from a height while fleeing a police raid.”

One member of the collective ‘Stand with Hong Kong’, who writes under the pseudonym MP “for fear of her safety” added: “Last weekend, the police unleashed indiscriminate amounts of teargas in multiple residential neighbourhoods.

“One first-aider was struck by a tear gas canister, allegedly made in China, resulting in severe burns on their back.

“A pro-government supporter bit off part of a pro-democratic district councillor’s ear, and another council candidate was violently arrested until he foamed at the mouth.”

Mr Chow’s death is likely to further enrage protesters, many of whom are high school and university students, leading the charge in the biggest political challenge to Xi Jinping, leader of the Chinese Communist Party, since he took the reins in 2012.

Police have arrested more than 3,300 people, about one-third of whom are students. Some cases are now going to court in battles that could last years over charges of illegal assembly or rioting, the latter of which carries a maximum of ten years in prison.

On Thursday, a 16-year-old was found guilty on two counts of possessing offensive weapons, the first conviction of a minor since the protests began.

The teenager was arrested when he was 15, for carrying a laser pointer and a modified umbrella containing a walking stick.

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The pro-democracy activist, known as MP, showed their determination to carry on the struggle when they annouced to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong, “Today it is harder than ever.

“But just as Chow fought for his life in hospital, we will continue to resist.

“Later this year, I will turn 22, the same age as Chow, the same age as the handover.

“When I turn 50 in 2047, my home may no longer exist.

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“We Hongkongers refuse to accept this end point.

“We have dared to imagine a life beyond the reach of authoritarian violence.

“So will the British government dare to do the bare minimum, and hold China to its promises under a legally-binding international agreement?”

The protest movement claim China is a “superpower with no accountability”.

In a House of Lords debate, Lord Patten, the last governor of Hong Kong noted, young people have asked him the same question time and time again: what will the world do? What will Britain actually do?

The activists explained how, “the fight for Hong Kong extends beyond my home to all those facing suppression: in East Turkestan, Tibet, Taiwan, and beyond.”

They gave a warning to the world, “Even if you don’t join our struggle now, it will eventually catch up to you”

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