Horrific moment tourist smashes his head on rocks

Horrific moment tourist smashes his head on rocks when he dives 30ft off a waterfall into a 7ft deep pool

  • The tourist clambered to the top of a 30ft waterfall at a popular Russian resort
  • The man showed no fear as he plunged head-first into the pool in Sochi 
  • Unfortunately for the man, the water in the pool was only around 7ft deep  

A tourist narrowly escaped death after diving down a 30ft waterfall into a pool no deeper than 7ft at a popular Russian resort.

He was filmed by a friend on the rocks near the Black Sea city of Sochi. 

The unidentified middle-aged man then plunged headfirst into the pool at Zmeikovskiye waterfalls, and a voice is heard saying he made a ‘beautiful’ dive.

The tourist, pictured, attempted a spectacular dive from a waterfall in Sochi, Russia 

The man showed no fear as he plunged more than 30 feet into the pool at Zmeikovskiye waterfalls

The man hit his head on rocks at the bottom of the 7ft pool and surfaced with a head injury as the water became discoloured by his blood

But he evidently had no idea how shallow the water was.

He emerged quickly to the surface but the water was discoloured with his blood.

A female voice said: ‘He banged his head.’

The diver sustained multiple spine and head injuries after hitting rocky bottom, said reports.

He was admitted to a local hospital with ‘serious traumas’.

Subscribers to a local social media group which shared the horror footage wished him speedy recovery, but many criticised him for attempting the dive.

‘There is no depth there at all… why didn’t he ask the locals? Why risk your life like this?’ said one comment.

‘He should have been stopped.

‘He doesn’t think what he is doing, but at least somebody around him should have told him it was dangerous.

‘He is a grown man, but he is clearly not local. He had no clue it was so shallow.’

Despite his injuries, the man was able to make his way from the pool without assistance 

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