Horrifying moment girl, 3, is bitten by a deadly snake and then rushed to hospital by hero gran

THIS is the moment a three-year-old was saved by her gran after being bitten by a lethal snake while playing in her backyard.

Lucia Carna accidentally stepped on the venomous reptile after it crawled out of a flower bed at her gran’s home in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Home security video shows the child suddenly screaming and running towards grandmother Jill.

Jill scooped up Lucia in her arms and carried her inside where she tightly bandaged her legs until an ambulance arrived.

Doctors said the quick first aid given by her gran was vital in saving Lucia's life.

It is believed the youngster was bitten by a dugite, which is rated one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Lucia’s mother Holly Carna urged all parents to learn what to do if a child is bitten by a snake.

She told ABC news: "What we were told at the hospital was that Mum's actions immediately after had made a massive difference.

"When that phone call came through, that you don't ever want to get, that your child, something's happened … my thought was 'Mum can handle that'."

Holly said while she herself was aware of the dangers of snakes growing up on a farm, she did not expect to see them in suburbia.

"If it can happen here it can happen really happen anywhere," she added.

The last known death from a dugite was in 2015, when a woman was bitten on the heel on a beach in Freemantle.

In 2011 a seven-year-old boy was temporarily paralysed after a dugite entered his bedroom at night and wrapped round his arm.

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