Horrifying moment MAGA rioter shouts 'I'll f**king kill you' at cop while storming Captiol Building

THIS is the horrifying moment an MAGA rioter yells “I’ll f**king kill you” at a cop during the storming of the Capitol building.

The disturbing footage was taken from police bodycams during the riot on Capitol Hill on January 6 as cops were violently assaulted.

The film clips, released by the US Attorney’s Office, also show cops being unable to get through the crowds to help injured people.

At least one woman who was trampled during this incident died later of her injuries.

A man can be heard screaming for help: “Save her! She’s gonna die! She’s dead! Please! She’s dead! I need somebody!”

In another part of the footage Capitol Police officers are seen trying, unsuccessfully, to stop the rioters from storming the building.

People in the mob are seen trying to hit cops with flag poles, hockey sticks and other objects as well as hitting them with their hands and feet.

One man can be heard yelling at the officers: “F**k you. I’ll f**king kill you.”

“We have seen dozens and dozens of video of the calamitous day, many of which now being introduced as evidence against rioters, but this one stands out for the sheer up close, in your face brutality and violence of a supposed political march gone mad,” CNN reporter Tom Foreman told the channel’s Anna Cabrera.

“Really is chilling to watch those images,” Cabrera replied.

The victim, identified as Rosanne Boyland, 34, can be seen on the ground as a friend, thought to be Justin Winchell, repeatedly tries to scream for help.

The disturbing footage shows Boyland on the ground, apparently unresponsive, as Winchell screams that she is "going to die" and that they need help.

Boyland was one of five people who died in the Capitol riots.

One Capitol police officer, Brian Sidenick, was among those killed.

Federal officials have also claimed two pipe bombs found during the US Capitol protests had actually been placed there the night before.

The explosive devices were found at the offices of the Republican and Democrat national committees on January 6, as a mob breached the US Capitol while the Electoral College vote was counted.

On Friday, the FBI said they had uncovered information claiming the devices were placed outside the buildings between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on January 5.

Meanwhile, the FBI has been actively arresting Trump supporters who allegedly advocated and participated in the deadly US Capitol riot on January 6.

So far, authorities have taken over 100 people into custody and have over 200 cases open and under investigation.

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