Horrifying moment toddler playing alone on escalator falls and gets trapped by her FINGERS… before being freed by onlookers

The child was caught on camera trying to run the wrong way up a moving staircase at a shopping mall in Liangjiang city when she fell over.

The girl, who appeared to have been left unattended, was seen struggling to get up before trapping her hand in the metal plates.

A passer-by saw the trapped girl and rushed to her aid – but she was not able to pull the child’s fingers out of the plates.

The woman immediately hit the emergency button to stop the escalator while yelling for help.

Onlookers and mall security staff ran to help and cops were called to the scene.

She was eventually cut free and taken to hospital but it is currently unclear if she sustained any serious injuries.

Accidents involving children on moving escalators are seemingly commonplace in China.

A fortnight ago video from another incident showed a toddler getting his genitals trapped between the gaps on an escalator in a mall in Wuhan city.

The one-year-old was wearing a pair of open-crotch pants – an alternative to nappies – at the time of the accident.

In another incident in May, a nine-year-old boy got his hand stuck on the side of an escalator after being left unattended by his dad.

Firefighters had to remove the plates at the bottom of the escalator to free the boy who fortunately did not sustain any injuries.

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