Horrifying moment woman, 23, is executed by evil boyfriend as she runs to warn neighbours to ‘lock their doors’

A YOUNG woman was executed by her was gun-slinging boyfriend after she warned neighbours to lock their doors.

Chanell Brown, 23, was branded a "life-saver" as she was shot dead in front of cops who rushed to the scene in Sacremento, US.

Evil Earnest Easterling, 25, was caught on camera shouting: "When they come, I'm blasting you" before he gunned her down.

The police were first alerted by worried neighbours who reported that a man and woman had crashed a car into a tree and began arguing.

Miss Brown desperately tries to push him away as he rams her into the corner of a fence, slamming her to the floor.

"You called the police on me! I didn't do s***!

As Miss Brown cowered, terrified, against the fence, she screamed to neighbours: "Lock your door! Lock it!" as a dog barked furiously from the house.

Neighbours came running down to evacuate the apartment as Miss Brown screeched.

Another woman shouted at Easterling: "Listen to her, you're not going to be in trouble for this!" as she quickly moved out of the way.

She saved lives, the night she died she saved lives, she saved other people, she sacrificed her own life. That's what really happened. She sacrificed herself.

The brute could be heard shouting: "You broke my car doing that weird s***" as he swung for her.

When cops arrived, one of the women from the apartment block ran and led them to the doorway that the pair were fighting in.

Miss Brown walked toward the officers with her hands in the air, telling Easterling to "get back in the house".

After police told her to move out the way so they could focus on Easterling who was gripping a Glock hand gun with a 50 round drum attached.

As she moved aside, Easterling ran towards her and opened fire.


In a bid to protect Miss Brown the three officers began shooting at Easterling – but it was too late. The sound of women screaming filled the silence after the gunfire, as the neighbours realised what had happened.

The victim's grieving mother Veronica Brown said Thursday: "My baby was really a good person. Everything about her was an angel, she helped you.

"She saved lives, the night she died she saved lives, she saved other people, she sacrificed her own life. That's what really happened. She sacrificed herself."

Her sister Kevonna Brown said: "She was everyone's biggest supporter, and she didn't give up on anyone, even when you couldn't understand why.

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"She had distanced herself from family, she moved away, she isolated herself from friends. But, I trusted that she knew what she was doing because she was always so strong and independent."

Kevonna said she served in the military with Easterling, adding: "I served with this man. I thought he would protect her, not hurt her. This was my sister's first boyfriend, her first boyfriend. You don't always get a second chance.

"Chanell loved genuinely and hard. She loved so hard that she literally died for it."

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