Housemate pranks friend by covering entire bedroom in Christmas wrapping paper

A man came home to find his housemate had covered his bedroom from top to bottom in Christmas wrapping paper.

In a bid to spread festive cheer, prankster housemate Robert Duff thought it would be a good idea to prank his fussy flatmate Dan Elsom.

Robert said he knew his friend Dan doesn't like people going in his room or touching his things – so he wrapped his entire room and possessions in 99p paper.

The 25-year-old filmed himself in the act and smirks at the came as he boys rolls of wrapping paper.

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In the video Robert said: "I’ve decided today on my day off that I’m going to wrap my housemate’s room with wrapping paper.

“For those of you that know Dan, he doesn’t really like people being in his room and he doesn’t like people touching his stuff so I went and bought about 12 rolls of 12m wrapping paper so hopefully I’ll get a pretty good reaction out of it."

The prankster then covers the walls, door, motorcycle helmet, photo frames, a TV, bedding and pillows in the Christmas paper.

After Robert finishes his sneaky prank – he sits and waits in the Hertfordshire home for unsuspecting Dan.

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When he walks through the door – Dan is visibly shocked but quickly sees the funny side.

He told Mirror Online: "I was stunned when I saw the room. I knew something was up when I came home and found both my housemates waiting for me, but I never expected anything like that.

"I’d normally have been pretty annoyed at him for messing with my stuff, but I was just so impressed with the sheer effort and detail, I had to laugh.

"To be fair, it was hilarious, even if I was the victim."

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