Huge crocodiles spotted in city river could be ‘abandoned pets dumped by owners’

People are being warned to stay clear of the main river running through Indonesia’s capital city as three large crocodiles have been spotted in the water.

Initial reports were treated with scepticism by police until this video surfaced showing one of the crocodiles lying motionless in the water.

And one conservationist claims there is a possibility they are abandoned PETS.

And after matching the sightings, police have now become convinced that there is not just one but three large crocodiles living in the capital’s Grogol River.

Attacks are not unknown in the country with two people eaten by crocodiles last year, but they are almost unheard of in the capital, where the built-up area offers little in the way of food.

Officials are attempting to catch the reptiles before anybody comes to harm and have issued a warning for people to stay away from the water’s edge.

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A group of brave police and fire brigade officers set off in an inflatable boat when one of the crocodiles was sighted and were hoping to catch it using a net and a chicken as a bait.

But a large number of onlookers turned up and apparently scared the crocodile off.

Conservationist boss Bambang Yudi, who is leading the hunt for the crocodile, said: "The problem was the locals because we almost captured one of the crocodiles as it approached the bait when people started throwing stones from the side.

"That scared the animal off."

He added that they believed the crocodiles had a nest of eggs somewhere in the area from their behaviour.

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He also added that there was a possibility they were abandoned pets that had been dumped by their owners when they grew too large.

He added that one of the animals may also be injured after a Navy officer who was on duty on a military boat spotted one of the crocodiles, and took shots at it.

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