Humiliated Kyiv looter tied up for trying to steal amid Russian attack

Caught with his pants down: Looter is tied up and humiliated as punishment for trying to steal during Russian attack on Kyiv

  • There are reports of looters stealing from supermarkets and banks in Ukraine
  • Proud Ukrainian civilians have fought back with the unique punishment
  • Some looters in the country have been beaten and stripped by angry civilians  
  • It comes as the armed forces are busy attempting to repel the Russian invasion 

A man who was allegedly caught looting in Kyiv during the Russian attacks on the city was strapped to a lamp post as punishment. 

The images, which were taken in the capital today, show how proud Ukrainian’s are fighting back against lawless criminals wanting to take advantage of the ongoing chaos. 

They show a man tied to the street furniture in front of an AMIC petrol station, with his trousers pulled down to his knees.

A man can be seen heatedly speaking to the alleged looter, while two police cars can be seen in the background. 

This alleged looter has been tied to a lamp post in Kyiv by members of the public looking to fight back against people stealing from supermarkets

There are reported to have been scenes like this across the country, where proud Ukrainians try to fight back against lawlessness

There have been reports of looting in areas across the country since the invasion began, with criminals targeting supermarkets, petrol stations and banks. 

While the armed forces have been occupied trying to repel Russian invaders, civilians have taken it upon themselves to try and stamp out the problem. 

Pictures and videos have emerged on social media from towns and cities across Ukraine showing similar scenes. 

Many show people tied to lamp posts or telephone poles, with some having a cardboard sign denoting they are a looter placed next to them.

Members of the public have been seen shouting and haranguing those who have been caught. 

Some have even been beaten and forced to strip naked in the snow, according to The Spectator. 

It’s not just civilians who have been seen looting in the war-torn country.

Russian soldiers have also been seen raiding supermarkets and banks as they advance further into the country. 

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said last week that fighting was taking a toll on the morale of Russian soldiers, who ‘go into grocery stores and try to find something to eat.’

Video clips shared on social media showed the Russian forces looting towns as they passed.

Some claimed that the Russians who were captured were found with rations on them which had expired in 2015.

Western officials have reportedly said they believe some of the young Russian troops do not want to fight and are sabotaging their vehicles, puncturing the gas tanks.   

Ukraine war: The latest 

  • Russia steps up its shelling as the UN says 1.5 million people have now fled
  • Attempts to evacuate civilians from Mariupol fail again, amid repeated ceasefire violations 
  • Ukraine’s military says it is fighting ‘fierce battles’ on the edge of the southern city of Mykolayiv, 
  • Dozens of civilians are being killed in the battle for Chernihiv in the north
  • A barrage of Russian missiles destroys Vinnytsia airport in central Ukraine
  • Russian shops are told to limit sales of essential foodstuffs to counter black market speculation
  • Thousands more are arrested at anti-war demonstrations in Russia, bringing the total to well over 11,000
  • Vladimir Putin says he will achieve his aims in Ukraine ‘through negotiation or through war’
  • US ‘green lights’ Poland to supply Kyiv with fighter jets, amid fears it could drag NATO into war
  • Antony Blinken says the West is in ‘very active’ discussions about a Russian oil embargo, despite price at all-time high
  • Credit card giants Visa, Mastercard and American Express freeze business in Russia. Russian banks say they will use China’s UnionPay system
  • Consultancy firms KPMG and PwC announce an end to operations in Russia
  • France announces it will send iodine tablets and other medical supplies to Ukraine. They are used to protect against the effects of exposure to radiation
  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says 20,000 international volunteers have joined the fight
  • Netflix suspends services in Russia and social media giant TikTok blocks posting of video content from the country
  • Foreign media including the BBC, CBC, ARD, ZDF, Bloomberg News, CNN, CBS, RAI and EFE have suspended reporting from Russia after Moscow threatened jail terms

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